There’s no place like home

Death impacts us all differently. I would never compare my grief to someone else’s and we all have our own way of coping.  Writing about it helps me, I rarely publish what I write, don’t feel obliged to read this post – I needed to do this for me. Most days I try to remember all the happy times but the sad creeps in there too. I know I’m still grieving and I have a long way to go and I accept that.

I’m feeling home sick, I’m missing everything and everyone.  I really miss my dad and my brother-in-law.  I miss them everyday but even more so on Sundays and when birthdays roll around. Greg’s (my bil) birthday would have been on September 15.  

I think about him often, he had a tremendous impact on my life . He loved music.  So as a fitting tribute on his birthday I went to see a Celtic band and most of the band members were from Newfoundland.  I had a feeling all night that I wasn’t really alone – ok of course I wasn’t alone there were lots of other people there but I had been thinking about Greg all day and a little voice inside my head kept saying, he’s enjoying this, he knows all the songs, could sing every word.  He’s ok, you’re ok, enjoy the night, enjoy the music.  One of the songs that night was about the Northern lights and wouldn’t you know it I saw the Northern Lights on the way home. This was only my second time in 4 years that I could plainly see them, guiding me.

Sundays are especially tough days for me, as I don’t think I ever missed a Sunday that my dad didn’t call or vice versa. I can’t believe he has been gone for 9 months already.  Some days I want to scream it’s NOT alright – I’m NOT alright!! My heart aches a type of pain I can’t put into words but thank goodness it passes.

Whenever I’m really sad and can’t find a way out of it, I usually head to the ocean (no matter what the weather) and sit on the beach. The roar of the water, the smell of the air, it somehow calms me down and brings me peace.

I have no ocean to run to, no lake or river near by (you see I’m landlocked here in the West)- but somehow just the thought of it and all the memories it brings of spending countless hours walking the beach with my dad looking for beach glass, neither of us ever looking up until the other would shout out what color they found, makes it a little better.

I  do have pictures and memories, lots of pictures and memories and a little boy named after his great-grandfather, Henry. Many people tell me all the time how much he looks like my father and I find I catch my breath from time to time when he acts a certain way or has a certain look on his face and then I know exactly what they mean.

I know, you found God’s grace
In a far, far , far, better place

I know your watching
My tear drops falling
It’s not you going
It’s me not knowing

Who I’m gonna call on Sunday
Who I’m gonna pour my heart out too
Who I’m gonna call on Sunday
Now that heaven has called on you

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When I think of them both – I feel at home….


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Vintage and Thrift Hunting- Post #11

Welcome back to Vintage and Thrift Hunting this is Post #11. I am pretty sure the universe is telling me to slow down, three weeks ago while doing a simple task I stepped the wrong way and broke my foot. It slowed me down for a wee bit but not much, not even a broken foot can stop me from sniffing out a vintage bargain.

I’m excited to share with you my latest thrifty, vintage and auction finds.

For any vintage and antique sellers out there, do you see or experience trends in the items that sell from your site or booth?

On a few occasions I have had the opportunity to purchase vintage wooden ironing boards. The first two I purchased I had grave difficulty selling but the last two I purchased (both at auction) sold almost immediately.

The same goes for vintage washboards.  I’ve only purchased and sold three in the last two years but when I found this one at an estate sale last week, I had a feeling it would sell quickly and once I scrubbed the dust off, it looked wonderful.  Sold within an hour of posting. I almost wish I had kept this one 🙂

Vintage rusty horse shoes, need I say more.  I simply couldn’t resist them. I was on my way back from the grocery store and I saw a big handmade wooden sign that said Yard/Estate Sale.  I thought why not, can’t hurt to stop for a minute eh? This sale was one of my favorite kind, tons of stuff strewn all over the yard, barns, sheds and garages all full of a lifetime of collecting. No prices, just “make an offer” or make a pile and they would give you a price. Now which one do you think I chose?

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Vintage and Thrift Hunting- Post #10

Welcome back to Vintage and Thrift Hunting this is Post #10. I know its been awhile since my last post but life took a twist and you have to go with it when these things happen. Everything got put on hold, including my addiction for hunting for thrift items…eeek!

Happy to say, I’m back at it and can’t wait to share with you my latest thrifty and auction finds.

The first item I want to show you includes a before and after – I had this cute little jewelry box for quite some time, put it up for sale a couple of times but no interest.  Then I get a message from a friend who had an idea for her work space and was wondering if I had a jewelry box – I sent pictures, she loved it and the rest was all her.


After – in her office – it holds paperclips and binder clips – oh so clever and what a difference some paint can make. Continue reading

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Vintage and Thrift Hunting- Post #9

Welcome back to Vintage and Thrift Hunting this is Post #9. I am so happy you’re here and can’t wait to share with you my latest thrifty and auction finds.

Today, I am going to just jump right in and show you what I found this week.

It brought back memories when I found these Noxzema jars.  My mother and grandmother used Noxzema and there were always jars like this in the house. Who knew they would become a collectible item.  I bought six but decided to keep three – just in case I find a use for them…someday.  Selling on my site for $3.00 each or all three of them for $8.00. If anyone has a great idea for re-purposing them, I would love to know what it is.


Next up is this neat little lined white wicker hamper.  White wicker is always popular and I hope to sell this beauty for $12.00 – maybe I’ll put this at my booth. It is lined with a pretty rose pattern cotton material. I am impressed with the condition of the wicker, there are a few small pieces of wicker broken but nothing that affects its use.These butter pat dishes were at the bottom of a “lot” box of goodies I recently acquired at auction.  It took me a bit to figure out what they were, oh the joy of the internet.  All are marked Ironstone Powell Bishop, England on the bottom. 8 for $3.00 – now that’s a steal!

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Vintage and Thrift Hunting- Post #8 Plus A New Venture

Welcome back to Vintage and Thrift Hunting this is Post #8. I am so happy you’re here and can’t wait to share with you my latest thrifty and auction finds as well as to tell you about my latest venture.

I’ve been busy garage “saleing” and auctioning and found some good items to sell on my Facebook site and in my booth at the local photography studio.

YES that is my latest venture.  I decided to rent a booth at a local photo studio to show off and sell some of my vintage items. It was a big step for me and I know I have lots to learn but I’m excited I took this step. This is my first time renting and selling in a retail environment. Here is a picture of the setup – I welcome any feedback and/or suggestions my readers might have. The space is 5×5 and the only wall I have access to is the one with the mirrors.

Ok so that’s my booth, now onto some treasures I found last week. I couldn’t resist this Tulip cutout magazine rack and the handmade wooden stool. I put them both in my booth for $25.00 each.
This beautiful antique Singer sewing cabinet with drawers sold off my site as soon as I posted it….the lady that bought it said she was going to use the bottom and make a table. I love it as is but I know it will also make a great table.

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