December Craft Challenge

December Craft Challenge – make or create something using cork.

white-doorThis is the last craft challenge for 2016, if this is the first time you are visiting this blog here is the scoop on what has been happening over the last 12 months. On the Third Monday of every month, Amelia (my friend and fellow blogger) have done a project or post based on one chosen DIY craft or theme, then we share our results and hopefully have inspired you to join the challenge. (The links to my challenge results can be found at the end of this post).

Last month the challenge was to  make a wreath or create something to hang on your front door for Christmas. I found a picture frame at one of my favorite thrift stores and spent one whole dollar on it so I could use the frame. The result is shown above.

This month the challenge was to make  something using cork. On one of my many trips to my favorite thrift store I picked up a package of 12 plain cork coasters for $0.50

I hail from the East Coast of Canada where the nautical theme abounds. When I saw these free printables at Mod Podge Rocks Blog I decided to make my own so I could enjoy a bit of the East in the West. There is a full step by step tutorial over at Mod Podge Rocks Blog.

Here are the four prints I chose.


A set of four or eight coasters tied with some twine would make a great hostess or neighbor gift, at anytime of the year.


Amelia from You Can Always Start Now decided to use wine corks for her December monthly challenge. Continue reading

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Favorite Childhood Present

I can remember many presents from my childhood that filled me with joy when I found them nestled under the Christmas tree. Barbies, a beauty, and the beast castle, stuffed teddy bears, an el…

Source: Favorite Childhood Present

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Day 12 – Deer Antler Door Decoration

Deer Antler Door Decoration

Today concludes my 12 days of Christmas 2016 of making, baking and decorating. I am ending with another easy, inexpensive, do it yourself project. This one happens to be my favorite of the last 12 days. I think it is the woodsy, natural element that I like so much.


Finding deer and elk antler sheds has become a very popular hobby for hunters and non-hunters alike. “Shed hunting” can be a challenging and rewarding past-time, providing an excellent family activity that can even put some money in your pocket.

I, however, was lucky enough to be gifted two pairs of “sheds”. I display them all year either in my book case, on top of a dresser or on the coffee table.  For Christmas this year I decided to dress one of them up and use as a door decoration. This also would look great just sitting on my coffee table, perhaps surrounded by candles or plants.


After it was complete and I hung it on my front door, I soon figured out they stuck out a bit too far and the door wouldn’t close properly.  I decided to try  them on an inside door and that is where they were meant to be, I smile each time I walk by.

I used minimal simple embellishments that came from the Dollar Store. I wired on the embellishments using twist ties and then added a mesh tube ribbon and tied it in a bow to complete the look. The hook for hanging it on the wreath hanger was attached to one of the embellishments, so I didn’t even have to figure out how to hang it.


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing my 12 days of Christmas again this year and I already have thoughts and ideas for next year. I hope you enjoyed these posts for the last 12 days and I look forward to your continued support in 2017. Comments on any of my posts are always welcome.

 Day 12 – Deer Antler Door Decoration-It’s A Wandaful Thing!

Link and Recap:

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Day 11 – Edible Pretzel Wreaths


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Day 11 – Edible DIY Pretzel Wreaths

Edible DIY Pretzel Wreaths

Here is a cute and delicious idea for Christmas. These can be made and given as gifts or hung on the Christmas tree.  I plan on storing some in an airtight container until Christmas Day and then my family and friends can pick an ornament from my tree that is edible and delicious.


For these pretzel wreaths you will need 9 small pretzels for each wreath, melted chocolate chips to adhere the pieces together and candy of your choice for decorating.  I used M&Ms and colored sugar.

Lay your pretzels out on parchment or wax paper (to catch the extra chocolate and sugar, this could get messy) to the size you want, like I said I used 9 pretzels in total per wreath, 5 on the bottom and four on the top.  I dipped each of the bottom pretzels in the melted chocolate and placed on the parchment paper in the shape of a wreath. Then I dipped the 4 remaining pretzels and placed them so they would overlap the bottom layer. While the chocolate was still wet I added my candy and colored sugar. Continue reading

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Day 10- Handmade Reindeer Cards

Handmade Reindeer Cards

These cards were such fun cards to make. I made two versions of Reindeer cards, these are for those who might already own the Stampin’ UP! Cookie Cutter Christmas polymer stamp set and/or the Cookie Cutter builder punch.


You can buy pre-made base cards and envelopes that are ready to decorate but I chose to cut mine from tan colored card stock.  The most popular card size for greeting cards is known as size A2 which measures 4.25″ x 5.5″- this means you can cut two cards from a standard 8.5″ x 11″ piece of cardstock.

For the first card I decided to use the reindeer stamp and randomly stamp it all over the front of the card. I overlapped two pieces of complimentary but different color card stock close to the bottom of the card and added a cut out reindeer and used dimensionals to add it to the card to make it stand out .

Included in the Stampin’ UP! Cookie Cutter Christmas polymer stamp set is a stamp that says ‘warm heartfelt greetings for a very Merry Christmas’ which I stamped on some tan card stock and cut out with scissors and glued it to the card.

For the second card… Continue reading

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