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DIY High-End Christmas Pillows

I really wanted some pillows to display for Christmas. I really didn’t want to pay upwards of $40 each. I decided to see if I could find some pillow covers at Dollar Tree or Dollarama and give them some pizazz to make them look like high-end pillows.

To achieve this I found two of the same pillow cover (18″x18″) at Dollarama for $4.00 each. I love this snowflake pattern with the red background.

I uploaded two different images I liked from my Cricut Access to Cricut Design Space. (1000s of free images in you have a monthly design space membership). I decided on the words Merry (and) Bright. I sized them to 10.5 wide x 5.5 tall and cut them from white iron on vinyl . An important tip to remember before cutting is to mirror your image so that when you go to heat transfer the vinyl is it facing the correct way.

Next I weeded the excess vinyl from the design and used my Cricut Easy Press to heat transfer the vinyl to the pillow cover. My press was set at 315 F and I pressed for 30 seconds.

This vinyl is what they call a cold peel, so I waited until the design was cool to the touch before peeling off the clear backing. **( you can use a regular clothes iron for this, set it at the highest setting and make sure the steam setting is turned off).

Once both designs were heat transfered to the pillow covers, I inserted a 20″x20″ IKEA “Inner” pillow form into each one. I don’t find these are very full so I would suggest buying a very cheap standard size pillow from Walmart and use the stuffing that is inside that pillow. It will more than stuff two 18″x18″ pillow covers.

I quite like how they turned out.

Here is a break down of the cost to make two DIY High-End looking Christmas Pillows:

2 x Dollarama Pillow Covers $8.00

1 sheet of 12″x12″ Cricut everyday iron on vinyl $5.00

2 x IKEA “Inner” pillow forms $10.00

It cost me a total of $23.00 to make two high end Christmas Pillows. That is only $11.50, much cheaper than the $30 or $40 you can pay at a big box store. I could have reduced the cost to just $17.00 if I had used the cheap Walmart pillow for stuffing the pillows.

YES, you can DIY on the cheap and it will look like a high-end item from a big box store but without the big box store price.

To me that’s A Wandaful Thing!!!

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The Christmas Challenge Post – 12 Things of Christmas 2020

My friend and fellow blogger Amelia P made a request in the Facebook group Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers to collaborate with other bloggers to do a “Christmas Challenge” post.

How it works is we come up with 12 Things about Christmas, write a post on our own blog and insert links to our fellow bloggers. The second I read about it, I knew I was going to participate. Afterall, the name of the group is Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers.

I’m thrilled to be collaborating with the following bloggers:

Amelia P @ YouCanAlwaysStartNow

Ellen Best @

Courtney @

Esme @

Brittany @

Here are my 12 Things “traditions” of Christmas:

  1. For the last 7 years (since the very beginning of my blog) I have been doing a 12 Days of Christmas Series. It is something I truly enjoy doing as it challenges me to dig deep and find easy, budget friendly, gift worthy things people might like to make, bake, decorate or create. I just wrapped up these posts on November 30, 2020 – I will put links to all of them at the end of the post.
  2. I will admit I have an infinity for Santa Claus and for Nutcrackers. I add to my collection every year and proudly display from November 12 to January 06. I also, rarely, if ever, purchase new items for my collection. If at all possible, I search and buy vintage. Here is a picture of the additions I made this year.

3. I like to make (and sometimes sell) Christmas tree decorations. This year I decided to make tree ornaments using wood slices. This one, I thought, was particularly fitting;

We Survived 2020 Ornament

and this one went to my daughter in Texas.

4. I make my own Christmas Cards and try to ensure they are mailed out by December 10th. This one was one of my favorite cards I made this year.

5. I LOVE buying local and especially from local artisans (usually at Christmas Craft Fairs). I did not get to any in person craft shows this year but because there are so many creative beings out there, who were still making and creating their wares, I did purchase items through “on-line” stores so win/win!

6. I am from the East Coast of Canada and even though I now live on the West Coast of Canada, some traditions just never change. On Christmas Eve the evening meal is a feast of some form or seafood. For me this year it is going to be pan fried Digby Scallops. I’m already looking forward to that.

person holding stainless steel cooking pot with food
Photo by Tanya Gorelova on

7. Watching Hallmark Christmas movies. I just love watching a good cheesy predictable Christmas movie :O) – I am not sure what the draw to watch these movies is; maybe it’s the music maybe it’s the happy ending, maybe it’s just the magic of Christmas.

8. Speaking of movies – without fail on Christmas Day I watch the movie “A Christmas Carol” – the black & white version starring Alastar Simms, right after the turkey feast, the dishes can wait!

Humbug to all the rest: Why the 1951 Scrooge film is considered 'the gold  standard' | CBC News

9. On Boxing Day, it’s go to the Movie Theatre for an afternoon matinee, again, not sure what that will look like this year. We will have to wait and see.

10. Traditional Christmas baking for me includes whipped shortbread, sugar cookies, ginger sparkle cookies, gingerbread men, cherry balls, coconut balls and pork pies(not what you think – these are shortbread bottom tarts with date filling and almond icing).

top view of gingerbread cookies laid flat on a wooden table
Photo by Jill Wellington on

11. We like to drive around and look at the Christmas lights (we walk around our own neighbourhood though). This year we are going to go to something called the Magic of Lights at the Castrol Raceway -it is sponsored by Canadian Tire and provides you and your guests an opportunity to celebrate the holidays #togetherapart; comfortably maintaining social distancing from the comfort of your own vehicle. We are really looking forward to this and who knows, this could become our “new” yearly tradition. All money raised from the entrance fee goes to the Edmonton Food Bank – a very worthy cause.

12. Making anonymous donations to local charities that are near and dear to my heart. The Salvation Army, the local food bank, and the angel tree being my top three.

Wow, I was worried I didn’t have 12 Christmas Traditions but I bet if you really think about it, you do too. Hope you enjoyed these and don’t forget to visit my few bloggers and see what they came up with for their 12 Things of Christmas Challenge.

As mentioned earlier in this post here are links to my 12 Days of Christmas Series 2020.

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Day 11 – 12 Days of Christmas 2020 – JOY Vertical Sign

Day 12 – 12 Days of Christmas 2020 – Coconut Lemon Loaf

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The Secret Is Out…

I went MIA (missing in action) for awhile and I’m sorry about that. 2020 has been a tough year for me, as I am sure it has been for so many others. COVID hit and is still happening, My health has been anything but stellar, so lots of things I loved to do got pushed to the backburner.

Times like those can make you reflect and put things into perspective. I still love to craft and vintage/thrift hunt, so a few months back I decided I wanted to try and sell my wares on a different platform. My OWN platform. Heck I already run a blog, so, I thought, why not? Other bloggers can do it, so can I…much easier said than done!!

So after many trial and tribulations I FINALLY launched A Wandaful Thing Gift Shop!!! Yay me!! insert woot woots and yahoos! Hey don’t worry, the BLOG is still there and I’ll still be sharing content with regard to make, bake and create over there.

I’ve sold on Etsy, on Kijiji and through FB Marketplace and I even have my own FB group for selling items. Most of that selling was for vintage, thrifted or antique pieces. My new shop will be focused on selling handmade and homespun items, with a few pieces of my vintage jewelry and accessories thrown in. I’d love to have you visit and leave me some comments. If you would like to be a consignment seller of your own handmade or homespun items, be sure to contact me.

I have to say HUGE THANK YOU’s to two of my dearest friends, who, without their help and encouragement this would not have happened.

Amelia P – she is a fellow blogger over at You Can Always Start Now – be sure to check out her blog – great content and totally different than mine. Not sure how she found the time but she helped me with all that fun administrator/editing stuff that online selling shops entail. She encouraged me through it, even though there were days I wanted to throw this computer out the window. She taught me that not everything has to be perfect all the time and she did this from 5000km away and a different time zone. XXOO

MC – although she also lives too far away from me (in my opinion), we do make it a point to spend time together, at least one weekend every other month. These get togethers usually involve shopping, eating, spending time in the craft room and lots of laughter, of course. The last few visits were spent procuring supplies, along with hours and hours spent in the craft room. MC also took the majority of the photos for the products you will find on the page. Her skills in this area are far better than mine. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you. XXOO

A new online GIft Shop – It’s A Wandaful Thing!

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