Simple Things #2

I have to give credit where credit is due for the idea of posting about “simple” things.  Amelia from YouCanAlwaysStartNow and I collaborate regularly on ideas for posts like travel, life, monthly challenges, as well as many other things.

Today’s simple things ideas is all about household sponges and some of their many uses.

All you need for endless loads of super-soft laundry is a sponge (or a few), water, fabric softener and a sealed container. These never-ending DIY laundry sheets are built to last, they’re easy on your wallet, and it’s an easy way to be environmentally friendly.

Supplies You’ll Need

  • 1 cup of liquid fabric softener
  • 2 cups of water
  • 3 sponges
  • Resealable container
  1. Mix the fabric softener and water in the resealable container.
  2. Cut the sponges in half and place them in the container. Let them soak up the liquid completely.
  3. The next time you do a load of laundry, take one sponge out. Squeeze the sponge over the container to remove any excess fabric softener. Place the sponge in the dryer with your laundry just like you would a normal dryer sheet.
  4. Once your laundry is done, place the sponge back into the container for another time. You can reuse them endlessly. Just be sure to replace the water and fabric softener every 2 to 3 months.

Use sponges as ice packs. All you need to do is take a standard kitchen sponge, soak it in water, put it inside a Ziploc bag, and freeze it. When you’re done, you have an ice pack. The handy thing is that when the ice starts to melt, the sponge soaks up the water so it doesn’t leak everywhere.

Add sponges to the bottom of plant pots. It will prevent water from dripping out the bottom of the planter and destroying surfaces. It has happened to me too many times until I discovered this great idea.

My personal favorite use for household sponges is to put them in the bottom of the crisper of my refrigerator. This will keep your vegetables fresher for longer by preventing moisture from accumulating in the bottom of the refrigerator crisper. Line the bottom of the drawer with dry sponges and replace any time they seem wet. Removing this excess moisture will help keep veggies at their peak. This also helps keep your crisper clean.

Simple things like household sponges can have many uses and are indeed                         .    A Wandaful Thing!

What do you use household sponges for?

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Chalk Couture Canada – It’s A Wandaful Thing

Chalk Couture will soon be available in Canada . I would love to have you on my team! Chalk Couture creates an amazing opportunity for you to have the career you’ve always wanted. A Crafty Career! If you aren’t familiar with Chalk Couture please check out

If you would like to pre-register to become a Canadian designer please visit ( and use my temporary ID (CAD278273).

If you have questions about the program and how it will work, please refer to the following document, that I hope will help answer most of your questions faq-canada (1)

Here is a great video from Tanner Bell – Makers Gonna Learn (founder) that is about 12 minutes long. It definitely will show you what it’s all about.

Here are just a few projects that you could make with Chalk Couture.

Aren’t they amazing? I can’t wait to start creating my own and hopefully you’ll join me.

Chalk Couture Canada – It’s A Wandaful Thing.

I’d love to have you join my FaceBook Group called Chalk Couture Canada – It’s A Wandaful Thing, where I will keep you up to date on Chalk Couture Canada.

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Upcycled Thrift Store Napkin Holder

I found this cute wooden heart-shaped napkin holder at my local thrift store last week. A dated wooden piece like this is usually finished in dark stained pine with no sealer. I should have brushed on a coat of Zinsser primer but I didn’t.

I decided to use Rustoleum Chalk Paint in linen white and thankfully one good coat was enough to cover it completely.

Next I decided to use my Cricut to cut out a design in permanent glossy red vinyl for each side.  Both of the files are from  Makers Gonna Learn  and if you haven’t heard of them, I strongly advise you go check out their website and YouTube Videos. I’ve learned so much from this group of wonderful people. I just recently took out a membership and this is my first project using their files (LOVE THEM).


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Simple Things

I have to give credit where credit is due for the idea of posting about “simple” things.  Amelia from YouCanAlwaysStartNow and I collaborate regularly on ideas for posts like travel, life, monthly challenges, as well as many other things.

I often get stuck for post ideas (I’m not as organized or focused as she is).  She mentioned doing posts on simple things or simple ideas to make life easier and I totally jumped on it.

She has already done a few posts on simple things, be sure to go check them out easy head bands and no sew slip covers.

I am going to share two simple ideas- one is using a pool noodle, the other uses balled up newspaper.

I have a couple of pairs of boots that I love and try to look after (I believe in buying the best I can afford and having it for a long time).  One way to keep my boots in good condition is to use boot shapers to keep them upright and not bundled up at the bottom of my closet. Instead of buying boot shapers, I can make one pair from a simple Dollar Store pool noodle.

I cut the pool noodle in two but because the pool noodle was thin I cut each piece down the middle then put the two pieces together sliding one inside the other. This made a for a thicker shape and helps retain the shape of the boots much better.

Not only does the pool noodle help retain the shape, it will help prevent cracks and creases, especially in leather and vinyl boots and one size can fit all.

Read on for the second simple thing…

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Roundup of My Top 5 Most Popular Posts in 2018

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is so quickly coming to a close. I wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

I took a look back at the year and am doing a quick recap of my top 5 most popular posts in 2018. It seems that my DIY projects were far more popular than my Vintage Item posts. Next year my focus will definitely be on doing more upcycle and DIY projects.

  1. It seems that Day 7 of my 12 Days of Christmas for 2018 was quite popular. It was a seaglass Christmas ornament I made for my daughter.

2. Upcycled Office Wall Art

I did enjoy seeing the transformation on these prints going from kitchen art to nautical wall art. Click the link above to see the “after”.

3. Caramel Cones

These are so delicious and so easy to make – in the microwave 🙂 (originally posted in 2015).  Visit the link  above for a free printable recipe card complete with instructions.

4. Upcycled Thrift Store Finds

I enjoyed doing the three upcycles (click on the link above to see all three). The most popular one of the three was the Ciad Mile Failte wooden sign.

5. Vintage Image Greeting Card Challenge

I was so pleased to see all the wonderful and fabulous ideas for vintage image greeting cards.  Be sure to click on the link above to see more of the cards. Here is a card that my friend and fellow blogger made – she blogs over at Youcanalwaysstartnow.

HAPPY NEW YEAR – Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you back here in 2019.

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