DIY: Easy Cupcake Holder

IMG_9148I  L .O.V. E.  love, love, love a good gourmet cupcake and if they are homemade well all the better.

Who am I kidding?  I love cakes, cookies, pies, squares and loaves too 🙂

I haven’t baked any cupcakes since my favorite one year old’s birthday party (you can see that post here as well as find the recipe for the chocolate Oreo cupcakes ).

The weather here in Alberta, Canada has just been too darn hot all summer long and turning on my oven in my very small house without air conditioning – just couldn’t do it!

I decided to challenge myself and find a really good reason to tell myself I had to make some cupcakes…..

Enter two of my recent thrift store finds.

Very cute and adorable dessert plates, there were four all together (check out the cute pattern on them)and one very lonely candle stick holder.


I bought these items at different times not quite knowing what I would do with either of them but that all changed when I started craving cupcakes. Sooooo…..

This + This


Glue together with this


Like this


and you get this….


to display this….yum!!


Finding a really good excuse to bake and eat gourmet cupcakes is indeed

A Wandaful Thing!!!


3 thoughts on “DIY: Easy Cupcake Holder”

  1. That’s so simple and cute!
    On the subject of cupcakes (but not repurposing!) have you heard of a book called Eat Me! by Xanthe Milton (Cookie Girl)? I love the pictures in the book and the recipes too!! xx

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