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It has been quite awhile since I’ve heard from my friend the Surly Mermaid. The expressions expressed are hers and hers alone but I do enjoy providing a forum for her to express herself.

Facebook Status- The Irritation Game

I have been known to delete Facebook “friends” over their stupid Facebook status updates.  I can’t believe all the incessant whining . It gets to be very annoying.

Really, there is no need to post all your perceived medical drama on line because all the world has already figured out that you are a hypochondriac.  Seriously, stop posting all your problems because I am embarrassed for you. There needs to be an eye roll button. Charlie Brown definitely had it right…

Next comes the “links”.  All the stupid “links” looking for “likes”.  I want Facebook to have a “dislike” button.  Oh yeah,  wouldn’t that be awesome but I am sure I would be accused of being a cyber bully because I would use that one  waay too much.

If I get one more push out request for “Candy Crush” or “Farm Heroes Saga”,  I think my head may pop off.

I want to design a new Facebook Game and call it “the Facebook Status-Irritation Game”.   Every time I get a notification or read about something that I find personally irritating, I get to send out an auto message to that person.  It will say “Seriously, you just posted THAT online. Give your head a shake!”


If you get more than fifteen of these, then you get your Facebook account suspended for a month.  After three suspended months, you get your account deleted.  This sounds like a plan to me.

OMG, I wonder if I can get rich from this? Can I get a “like”? Lololololol.

….until the next time – the Surly Mermaid


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