March Craft Challenge

March Craft Challenge – make a craft that includes yarn.


Just in case you are new and this is the first you are hearing about this, here’s the scoop. On the Third Monday of every month, Amelia, (she blogs over at You Can Always Start Now) and I do a project or post based on one chosen DIY craft or theme, then we share our results and hopefully have inspired you to join our challenge.

In January the theme was canvas, February we used puzzle pieces. (The links to our challenge results can be found at the end of this post.)

Lately I’ve been trying a variety of ways to make different size yarn pom-poms. I’ve tried making them on a fork(pretty small), wrapping around my fingers(medium) and using the C cardboard method (these can be as big as you want).   I decided to incorporate my craft challenge with an Easter craft.

Amelia from You Can Always Start Now  was very creative and used only yarn for her craft. She made a headband and a necklace using only her fingers – yes finger knitting. Go check out her blog.

Are you ready for our results…… the first picture shows my Easter Bunny creation hanging on my wall and the second is a closeup of just the bunny with his cute little yarn pom-pom tail.yarn craft 2Yarn craft 1 Here are Amelia’s fabulous creations…. I think I need to learn to finger knit 🙂



Be sure to Mark Your Calendar for April as we will be crafting incorporating a kitchen utensil – now that sounds challenging!!

Craft Challenges are such A Wandaful Thing!

For details on previous crafts here are the links

A Wandaful Thing – January reveal

A Wandaful Thing – February reveal

You Can Always Start Now – January reveal

You Can Always Start Now – February reveal

Thanks for stopping by would love to have you join us – it’s never too late!



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  2. What an adorable way to use a pom-pom! And just in time for Easter:)Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen | Our Hopeful Home

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