Cat Bed from a Vintage Fruit Crate

cat bed

Back at the end of August when I did a post on “10 Questions” posed to a blogger, I mentioned the progress on my cat Mylo’s bed.

I FINALLY finished it this week and wanted to share how it was made.

I bought the vintage fruit crate at auction earlier in the year and couldn’t quite decide what to do with it.  Mylo seemed to be encouraging me to make him a cat bed so I decided I wanted to make it from all repurposed or recycled materials.


Mylo was checking it out when I brought it home. I thought this was a sign of approval.


I did a bit of looking on Pinterest and other fun sites to garner some inspiration. There was a lot to look at 🙂 In the end I chose something simple, easy and not really time-consuming, lol, although it seemed to take me long enough to find the time to finish this simple project.

It started out like this and the hubs cut out the half-moon in the front for me.


I “rescued” a broken chair from a neighbor’s garbage and hubs cut sections of them to make the legs.

I had some leftover spray paint from earlier summer projects and decided to use that as the color on the legs.

Rescued chair legs
Rescued Chair Legs

I was having a bit of trouble getting the label off  the side of the crate and sanding alone wasn’t quite working. I decided to try the same method as I use to remove wallpaper, soak it with water from a spray bottle and scrape it off. That did the trick.


The whole thing got three coats of a custom-made paint color. I combined left over latex paint, white with some black and the result was a really neat gray color. I thought it sort of matched Mylo, so I was pleased.

The final piece and what seemed to take me forever to find, at the price I was willing to pay, was this vintage drawer handle. The bonus was that it was already painted and I found it at an antique mall.

I decided to glue the handle on instead of using screws, since it is only for decoration.

I put his favorite blanket in and I was super excited. I thought he would be too.

I tried bribing him with treats. He was just not interested. I wonder if it was the color??? Maybe he likes black better.


Hmmmm – he sure seems happy to be sleeping beside me on the couch as I write this post.


One last look at what I thought was a pretty awesome idea for a cat bed, too bad my cat didn’t agree……

cat bed

Oh well, a cat bed from a vintage fruit crate, I still think it is A Wandaful Thing!

Do you?

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  1. loveyoumoredesigns

    I think it’s grand! Great repurposing of vintage items, and who knows? Maybe your cat will come around after all lol Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! Hope to see you there again at tomorrow’s party! xo Kathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}

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