IKEA Items and Chalk Couture #3

In my last post – check that out here, I showed you the second item I used Chalk Couture on from the 10 items I sourced at IKEA.

I also wanted to show how versatile and easy it is to make customized items for your home, using products from other box stores.

This laundry basket was my most expensive purchase on my IKEA trip – it was $8.99. It is the perfect size for not only laundry but could easily be used to hold or display towels in a guest bathroom or to hold extra blankets or pillows. The shoe mat was the least expensive item I bought on my IKEA trip and it was $0.99.

I used the same Chalk Couture transfer on the basket and the mat – with much better results on the basket as the surface was flat. These transfers have a sticky side and a side that you apply the chalk paste or ink on.  I used chalk paste in a deep blue on the basket and a lighter blue on the mat. I had my tools ready which included my fuzzing cloth,  chalk paste, stir stick and small squeegie to apply the paste.

I really like how easy it is to use the Chalk Couture transfers on so many household surfaces.


Although the mat had deep ridges, I still like the worn look it took on. I did spray seal both of these projects so the paste will not come off it they get wet.

I also love all the surfaces that Chalk Couture sells and you can check all the products they sell right here on my own Chalk Couture website https://www.chalkcouture.com/awandafulthing

Here is a great example of a Chalk Coutured surface using a Chalk Couture original surface and transfer.

Stayed tuned for the next post as I will show you how I took blank pillow-covers and turned them into custom decor for my own living room.

Chalk Couture – It’s A Wandaful Thing!

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