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Thrifty Treasures Thursday: Unearthing Gems from Secondhand Delights #4

Welcome back to Thrifty Treasures Thursday, this is Post #4. I am so happy you are here and can’t wait to share with you my latest thrifty finds. I will share what I found, where I found it, how much I spent and what I plan to do with what it.

In case you missed it -here is a link to last week’s post.

I use to teach ceramic classes many years ago. I had my own kiln and studio. Some of the items I picked up and will show you today are a definite throwback to those days.

Check out this covered pie dish. This one is still in fabulous condition and they are becoming popular again. I staged itwith the wood cutting board and some plastic pumpkins. The hay bales are such a fun background.  I paid $3.00 for the covered pie dish, one dollar each for cutting board and pumpkins (they are not for sale, just for staging). I have the covered pie dish up for sale for $15.00

A Christmas tree with miniature detachable ornaments. All items are made of porcelain, white in colour with gold trim. There are small hooks embedded in the tree for hanging the ornaments. It is approximately 10”x5”.  I would not normally pay $9.99 for this to resell it but as it is quite unique, I took the chance and have it up for sale for $30.00

This Ceramic Poinsettia Christmas Tree weighs six (6) pounds in it’s finished state.  It was a delicate process to pour the slip (wet compound) into the mold and time it just right to ensure a complete full tree came out of the mold in one piece.  This one is  15” in height and 11” wide across bottom. It is painted red, green, yellow and a touch of gold. I think it is a wonderful, vintage (1980s) holiday decor piece and definitely collectible.

I paid $5.00 for it at a yard sale and will put it up for sale. I haven’t determined what a fair selling price is. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Oh yes another Ceramic Christmas Tree – this one is tall and slender and painted white with gold trim – amazingly all the bulbs and birds are still on it (they do come out of the holes). I found this one at the same yard sale as the Poinsettia Tree, also paid $5.00 for it. I hope to sell this one for $50.00

When I found this harvest gold- wax paper/aluminum foil/paper towel holder, there was no hesitation in paying the $5.00 at a garage sale. I love to talk to seniors when they have garage sales. The lovely lady enjoyed explaining to me what it was and how to use it. I have a similar one in my RV – its a space saver and a great conversation piece. It is on my site for sale for $15.00

That wraps up this Thrifty Treasures Thursday.

Thrifty Treasures Thursday is more than just a blog feature; it’s a celebration of the joy that comes from uncovering hidden gems in the most unexpected places. Join me each week as I explore the world of thrifted finds, and together, let’s embrace the beauty of pre-loved items and the art of sustainable shopping. Until next Thursday, happy thrifting!

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  1. Amazing, love, love, loooovvee that pie dish.
    Thank you for sharing your links with us at #283 SSPS Linky. See you again next week.

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