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Thrifty Treasures Thursday: Unearthing Gems from Secondhand Delights #3

Welcome back to Thrifty Treasures Thursday, this is Post #3. I am so happy you are here and can’t wait to share with you my latest thrifty finds.

In case you missed it -here is a link to last week’s post.

I will share what I found, where I found it, how much I spent and what I plan to do with what it.

I recently found two fabulous pieces of petit point. Petit point is always comprised of tiny, beautiful stitches worked on individual threads of penelope canvas or fine mesh needlepoint canvas (22 or more threads to the inch). I admire and appreciate the time and effort that goes into each piece. I’m thrilled that I could purchase these two pieces of petit point for only $10.00

I’m showing blown up sections of each piece to enable you to take a really close look. I decided to keep both pieces as you can see I already hung them on my wall 🙂

Isn’t this cookie jar adorable? There was an Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe…you probably know the rest of the nursery rhyme….lol  I paid $4.00 for the jar and have it listed on Marketplace for $20.00

More Blow Molds:) I purchased these Vintage Light Up Noel Blow Molds at a Yard Sale on the September long weekend. I paid $10.00 each and have sold them for $25.00 each.

These gorgeous Mid-Century Spindle Oak Country Dining Chairs were also found at a Yard Sale this summer. Purchase price for 6 chairs was $40.00. They just recently sold for $100.00.  The day we went to the Yard Sale we took my SUV and I almost didn’t buy them as I didn’t think they would fit – I was wrong. It was like playing tetris to  get them in but it worked.

That wraps up this Thrifty Treasures Thursday.

Thrifty Treasures Thursday is more than just a blog feature; it’s a celebration of the joy that comes from uncovering hidden gems in the most unexpected places. Join me each week as I explore the world of thrifted finds, and together, let’s embrace the beauty of pre-loved items and the art of sustainable shopping. Until next Thursday, happy thrifting!

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