Hope everyone is having a great new year (2022). Do you set intentions every new year? If so, I would like to hear what type of intentions others are setting.

A few years back I was encouraged by a friend (who is also a blogger) check her out here to pick a word that will shape your year. The word that resonated this year was EXPLORE.

Although so far in 2022 I feel more like I am adapting then exploring. I am sure adapting will eventually go hand in hand with exploring as the year goes on.

I made some big life changes recently, sold my house, visited my daughter and grandchildren in the USA for a month(two years since last visit) and now back in the town I grew up in. I arrived with only my suitcase lol

I am not an idle person by nature so adapting to a slower pace of life has been the most challenging thing for me.

However, I will use this time to ensure selfcare, like daily walks, chatting with friends and family and scheduling a daily ”to-do” list.

What are some ways you adapt to a new environment and how do you ensure self care?

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  1. I am so happy to hear you are home! I know how much you missed it! ♥ Like you, Robert and I have made some big changes. We have moved to Moncton (literally just moved…January 10) so I am adapting to many new things. My youngest (Jordan) just went off to University this year so now both he and my daughter (Kelsey) are living in Halifax..Jordan in dorm and Kelsey has her own place but works at Dal. I worked with Red Cross for most of my lifetime and as of right now will be finishing up there on March 31. It is a scary time (being 58 and trying to figure out what is next for me as a person) I have always been mom, wife, and homemaker on top of my job outside the home. I feel somewhat lost and very emotional….SO… I am adapting to a new life (and lifestyle) in 2022. My goal for this week is to find one thing that brings me joy (something that is specific to my world – not my kids or my husband) Wish me luck. I might just need it 🙂

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