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IKEA Items and Chalk Couture #4

In my last post – check that out here, I showed you a few more items that I used Chalk Couture on from the 10 items I sourced at IKEA.

I also wanted to show how versatile and easy it is to make customized items for your home, using products from big box stores.

Today I am showing you how I transformed these IKEA Gurli blank cushion covers into custom made cushion covers using another Chalk Couture product. I used black velvet permanent ink.

I used two different transfers on the cushion covers but the technique is exactly the same.  The transfers have a sticky side and a side that you apply the chalk paste or ink on.  I had my tools ready which included my fuzzing cloth,  chalk paste, stir stick and small squeegie to apply the ink.

I made a youtube video when I was making the thankful blessed cushion cover, to watch the technique – check it out here https://youtu.be/GyDeneAD5fII really like how easy it is to use the Chalk Couture transfers on so many household surfaces.


I also love all the surfaces that Chalk Couture sells and you can check all the products they sell right here on my own Chalk Couture website https://www.chalkcouture.com/awandafulthing


Stayed tuned for the next post as I will show you what I did with the IKEA wooden crate.

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