DIY: Hand scrub – super easy


I discovered today that equal parts table salt and any kind of hand cream makes an awesome hand scrub that leaves your hands feeling great AND removes any dried paint that remains on your hands after an afternoon of painting….

I usually always put a liberal amount of hand cream on my hands after I paint as I find they dry out quite badly.

When I applied the cream today I noticed I missed spots of paint especially around my nails.

I wanted something a bit more abrasive to take it off and since I already had the cream on my hands, I thought why not try either sugar or salt – the salt was closer and it was easier to scoop into my hand….

I rubbed it in well, rinsed well under water and dryed gently with a towel.



How wonderful my hands felt and they were paint free, they looked soft and were hydrated…yes!!!!

I decided to make another little batch( in a recycled plastic dish, of course, I hate to throw out something I can reuse…).

I will save it for tomorrow, when I finish painting my kitchen walls.


The affects of my hyrdrated hands lasted about three hours 🙁 only because I ended up with my hands in water, yet again….lol (darn dirty dishes that can’t go in the dishwasher!!!)

DIY – super easy hand scrub – it’s A Wandaful Thing!!


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