DIY: Easy Beverage Coasters

Check out this awesome DIY easy beverage coaster.

photo (8)photo (7)

I am so lucky that I have some very creative and “crafty” friends and fellow bloggers.  All of the colorful pictures were sent to me by my friend and fellow blogger from You Can Always Start Now.

This is how she made (6)

You need a small dish that will hold your beverage, some  jute or twine, whatever you have on hand and a glue gun.

The dish above was purchased at her local building supply store and is actually the saucer from a plant pot – this one was already painted.

The red one in the first two pictures is the saucer from a terracotta plant pot and she painted it that lovely red using acrylic craft paint from the dollar store.

Now for the how to:

Heat up your glue gun and grab your jute or twine, start with a dab of glue in the middle of the dish and attach your jute or twine, continue in a circle with the glue and jute or twine until you completely cover your dish et voila a lovely beverage coaster that won’t lift off the table with your glass when you take a drink.

photo (5)

I decided to give it a try and the only thing I could find to use for the base was a canning jar lid and a band….I do love to reuse what I already have 🙂

Here is my version.



I really like the way they turned out – I think they are A Wandaful Thing!!

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