5 Blogs to Follow week of October 27-November 02

Wow another month is almost over, where did that time go? Halloween is just around the corner and then for those of us living in Canada, we will be on the countdown to Christmas and don’t ya just know I’ve been looking at sites and pins regarding Christmas already 🙂 

So if some of the blogs I am following this week just happen to have a few links to Christmas….well don’t say I didn’t warn you….I LOVE Christmas more than my obsession with pumpkins….H E L L O Santa Claus….remember me?????

Our Fifth House

Curb Alert

Todays Creative Blog

Ana White

Pretty Handy Girl

I just love checking out blogs…it’s such A Wandaful Thing!!

One thought on “5 Blogs to Follow week of October 27-November 02”

  1. As a fellow Canadian I laughed when I read your line about us on Pinterest checking out Christmas pins. So true! There’s something about that time of year that fills me with anticipation. Might as well start as early as possible!


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