Day 2: Twig &Ribbon Ornament

Welcome to Day 2 of my 12 Days of Christmas.

Yesterday I started off with Mini Hat Ornaments using a toilet tissue tube and some left over yarn – if you missed it you can check it out here.

Today I want to share a really easy tree ornament using a twig, some ribbon and a piece of jute. Yup that’s it – super easy – super cute!!!

twig ribbon ornament

For the twigs I literally went into my backyard and snapped off a few from a fallen branch, the ribbon and twine were from my own stash.

My twigs are from a Mountain Ash tree and very pliable so I was able to measure and snap them into 7 inch lengths.

I cut 15 pieces of ribbon, each one 8 inches long.   I tied them using only one knot, then trimmed them from bottom to top, longest on the bottom, shortest on the top. I wrapped a small piece of jute (twine) at the top and left enough to make a loop for hanging.

ribbon ornament on tree

Twig and ribbon tree ornament, simple, easy, elegant…

It’s A Wandaful Thing!




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