Upcycled Thrift Store Frame #2

Here are a few of the items I bought this weekend. The larger dark frame in the upper corner I paid $1.50 for.  I decided to upcycle this one first. As I transform the other items (if I do), I’ll do posts on those at a later date.

I also bought some Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint called sea glass, it’s the $15.00 purchase shown above. Here is a closer look at the color.

After I gave the frame a good wipe down, I painted the frame and the picture with one good thick coat of sea glass chalk mineral paint. I am so bad at taking pictures as I go.

I wet distressed the frame and had plans to use a reverse stencil but when I put the vinyl letters on I liked it so much I decided to leave it as it was. Sometimes plans change and sometimes that’s a good thing.

A quick coat of wax and a buff was next. After about an hour or so, it was ready to display and photograph. It will be on sale and on display at our local restaurant called The Vintage Kitchen along with some other vintage kitchen items.  You can check them out here:

Chalk paint…It’s A Wandaful Thing!

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Upcycled Thrift Store Napkin Holder

I found this cute wooden heart-shaped napkin holder at my local thrift store last week. A dated wooden piece like this is usually finished in dark stained pine with no sealer. I should have brushed on a coat of Zinsser primer but I didn’t.

I decided to use Rustoleum Chalk Paint in linen white and thankfully one good coat was enough to cover it completely.

Next I decided to use my Cricut to cut out a design in permanent glossy red vinyl for each side.  Both of the files are from  Makers Gonna Learn  and if you haven’t heard of them, I strongly advise you go check out their website and YouTube Videos. I’ve learned so much from this group of wonderful people. I just recently took out a membership and this is my first project using their files (LOVE THEM).


Day 9 – 12 Days of Christmas 2018

Welcome to Day 9 of my 12 Days of Christmas 2018

At the end of August (wow that seems so long ago), Michaels had flip-flops on sale for 70% off so I bought a few pair and figured I’d wait until inspiration hit me to do something with them.

That inspiration came when I saw this video by Tanner Bell.  Using iron on vinyl to personalize flip-flops.

I decided to personalize a pair of flip-flops for my daughter for Christmas and since she lives in Texas, I thought cacti would be cute. Here are the two images I used from Cricut Design Space (#M877022C)(#M855825F)Since I am planning a trip to visit her soon, I decided I needed a pair too.  Once I had my designs printed I used my Cricut easy press to adhere the vinyl to the flip-flops.

So fast, so easy, so cute – and start to finish under 30 minutes.

Here are close up pictures of the designs I used.

Personalized flip-flops are A Wandaful Thing!

It’s been a great deal of fun preparing for this event, and I can’t wait to show you all the Wandaful Things I’ve been up to. :)

Here is a recap of the 12 Days of Christmas 2018 so far:

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Upcycled Office Wall Art-DIY

Recently there have been some work office/workstation changes at my day job and I was lucky enough to get an office of my own.  I wanted to make it more “homey” since I spend a tremendous amount of my life at “work”.

For some office inexpensive wall art, I decided to go with a coastal/nautical theme AND  my goal was to decorate on a budget and make or upcycle most of what goes into my office.

I found these vegetable pictures at a thrift store marked from $10.00 down to $4.0o then 1/2 price – my cost was $2.00. I liked the frames as soon as I saw them.  I taped off the frames and painted over the pictures with “Acrylique” paint called warm white.

I kind of forgot to take a picture of them painted 🙁 (before the vinyl) oops.

Next I headed to my Cricut and cut out some simple coastal/nautical shapes. I had some leftover blue vinyl from my Ciad Mile Failte sign. Love it when I can use what I already have.

I decided on an octopus, a sailboat, an anchor and a starfish.  …

A WandafulThing 12 Days of Christmas – Day 1

                  Welcome to A WandafulThing 12 Days of Christmas 

I am thrilled to be able to bring you A WandafulThing 12 Days of Christmas for the 4th year in a row. I’m excited as this year the theme of all of my posts will be about thrifted, gifted (diy) and vintage items as Christmas presents.

I will be posting a new post every other day, starting today (November 20th) ending on December 12th – how fitting!

My first present is going to be a gifted (DIY) idea repurposing a wooden tray I found at  Goodwill for $2.00 . I really wish I had found a partridge to go with my pear tray (groan), if I had, I might not have painted it but instead made corny jokes all through the season.

I would have spray painted the tray outside but in my neck of the woods it is already winter soooo I hand painted it (6 coats) with white craft paint.  It took forever to cover the pears. Maybe I should have found that partridge.


I used my Cricut to make the vinyl cutout.  I wanted it simple so I went with “Be Jolly” in red vinyl.  I found the free svg on

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