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Age Appropriate?? Crafts that is…

My dear friend and fellow blogger Amelia over at You Can Always Start Now  just published a post on twirling and pivoting and doing and enjoying crafts even if they are for kids.  She loves to explore all the possibilities.  Go over and read her post (linked above) to fully understand why I am sharing this with you. She always has the greatest ideas and today I found myself in the store that starts with $$ and ends with what rhymes with drama…and found the cutest little craft kit tucked in among the kids crafts. For a buck 25 how could I resist

this adorable wooden sheep.  I was hoping for instructions to be tucked underneath the tag but alas there were none. I thought what would a kid do? They wouldn’t need instructions, there would be no hesitation, they would just do what popped in their head.  I broke out my white paint and painted what would be the wool, then added black feet and a black face. I just happened to have some pearlized beads and used those for eyes (shown in the finished product).

I had no idea how to “cross stitch” in those holes – I started it like a traditional cross stitch but as you can see there are no set squares so I took that out and started again.  I thread yarn on the needle provided and started to loop yarn in and around the holes and created my own pattern.  Is it perfect? nope. Was it fun? Yep.


I just recently put myself out there with something else that I did. It wasn’t great but I published it and actually had someone comment on what I did wrong – NOT HELPFUL but I learned a lesson in that I am not perfect and that’s okay. I don’t mind doing or sharing something if it isn’t perfect – how else will I learn if not by doing.

SO go have some fun, grab a cheap craft kit and just play, just have fun. Don’t worry if it turns out perfect or not.  I’d love to see pics of what you do. If you have kids, get them to help bet they have some very good creative ideas.

Taking time to have fun, play and not worry about whether a craft is age appropriate or not is A Wandaful Thing!

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