CHALLENGE: Make it pretty – January Challenge #2

I’m sure everyone is busy getting ready to celebrate a new year coming in and here I am already thinking about Valentine’s Day. I am inviting you to join me in this challenge.

My second January Challenge (which will actually be revealed in February but a girl needs time to prepare …lol) is to design a Valentine theme tablescape for $20.00 or LESS – yes you read that correctly, $20.00 or less, using only items you already have or can purchase from a thrift store or the Dollar Store….

Some inspiration to get you started…..

Are you up for the challenge?? I sure hope so….if so please have your picture and a summary of how much you spent and where you found your treasures…

The rules are there are really no rules other than, make it for under $20.00 with items you already have, or can purchase at the Dollar Store or a thrift store (heck you can borrow them if you like). Just please have your pictures and summary sent to me by February 01, 2015. ┬áThis will give me time to look at them and ooh and ahhh and I’m sure say – hey why didn’t I think of that… sure to include a link to your own website if you have one so I can add it for you.

If you do not have a blog or a website, I will only mention either your first name and where you are from or if you want to remain anonymous, I will honor that as well, just let me know your preference when you write to me. My contact information can be found on my home page.

I will be posting them all before February 14th. I am so excited about this challenge and I can’t wait to see your beautiful and creative and thrifty Valentine’s Day tablescapes.

Oh this is going to be such A Wandaful Thing!!!

8 thoughts on “CHALLENGE: Make it pretty – January Challenge #2”

  1. I see my first comment is not showing. Anyway I did not catch the part about Feb. 1st until now. Sorry, I will not post until the 6th for Laurie’s Valentine’s Day Par-tay. Too bad I have a great thrifty tablescape to post.


    1. Hello my dear, trust me you are not too late. I had a setback with my health and ended up in hospital for emergency surgery. I am actually behind in my February tablescape challenge…and hope to get back on track this week. If you want to send, I’d love to see it!!!


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