CHALLENGE: Make it pretty – January Challenge #2

I’m sure everyone is busy getting ready to celebrate a new year coming in and here I am already thinking about Valentine’s Day. I am inviting you to join me in this challenge.

My second January Challenge (which will actually be revealed in February but a girl needs time to prepare …lol) is to design a Valentine theme tablescape for $20.00 or LESS – yes you read that correctly, $20.00 or less, using only items you already have or can purchase from a thrift store or the Dollar Store….

Some inspiration to get you started…..

Are you up for the challenge?? I sure hope so….if so please have your picture and a summary of how much you spent and where you found your treasures…

The rules are there are really no rules other than, make it for under $20.00 with items you already have, or can purchase at the Dollar Store or a thrift store (heck you can borrow them if you like). Just please have your pictures and summary sent to me by February 01, 2015.  This will give me time to look at them and ooh and ahhh and I’m sure say – hey why didn’t I think of that… sure to include a link to your own website if you have one so I can add it for you.

If you do not have a blog or a website, I will only mention either your first name and where you are from or if you want to remain anonymous, I will honor that as well, just let me know your preference when you write to me. My contact information can be found on my home page.

I will be posting them all before February 14th. I am so excited about this challenge and I can’t wait to see your beautiful and creative and thrifty Valentine’s Day tablescapes.

Oh this is going to be such A Wandaful Thing!!!

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8 Responses to CHALLENGE: Make it pretty – January Challenge #2

  1. What a fun challenge. I’m working on mine this weekend and will share at Laurie’s party!


  2. Candy S says:

    I see my first comment is not showing. Anyway I did not catch the part about Feb. 1st until now. Sorry, I will not post until the 6th for Laurie’s Valentine’s Day Par-tay. Too bad I have a great thrifty tablescape to post.


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  4. Amelia P says:

    I agree with Found This Painted That – I’m up for it.


  5. Hmmmmm I will totally think about it. I have trouble turning my back on a challenge….


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