3 + 3 Things I’ve learned about blogging so far ….AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Happy Halloween !!!!!!

I have learned 3(three) things so far in the world of blogging and they are:

  •  you must have quality photos in your posts 
  • you must have time to dedicate to keeping your blog updated
  •  you must be consistent in the frequency of how often you post

The photos above show the enamel ware bowl I got on my antique/junk road trip in September – the same bowl I was planning on turning into a clock for  my kitchen but couldn’t bare to put a hole in it – not yet anyway…so today it is my receptacle for halloween candy and tomorrow it will house mittens and hats??? ~ maybe~

Whenever I am attempting to take photos of the junk I’ve found or projects I am working on, Sir Mylo always seems to be in the same room….so today I decided he would be my model, although I don’t think he was totally into it, do you?

The other three things I’ve learned  is you need a wee bit of  money, basic  skills and time to pull it all together, which  is why I pick my projects carefully and according to my skill set, cash flow (which is minimal) and time I can commit (that other thing I do Monday-Friday 8 to 4 takes up a good chunk of time, gosh darn it)!

 I am so glad that there are so many talented and creative bloggers out there in blog land that are dedicated to what they do – they inspire me everyday …so thank you because I think  it is A Wandaful Thing!!! 


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