My cat is an insomniac and so am I……..

OK that’s not true my cat is not an insomniac, he’s a cat and he’s nocturnal and he sleeps A LOT and I’m just plain jealous!!!!! He even had the nerve to sleep beside me while I was writing this post.

For as long as I can remember I have not been a good sleeper 🙁

I CRAVE a full night’s sleep…so I’ve started to research the subject of SLEEP.

Here are some interesting facts about sleep that you may or may not know:

  • Sleeping at night enhances our creativity. ( I really better start getting my 40 winks…lol)
  • The ability to come up with and solve complex problems is hugely enhanced by a good nights sleep. (again another reason I better start sleeping more)
  • Much of society these days is also sleep-deprived. (good to know I’m not alone!!)
  • Another connection between loss of sleep is weight gain. (Yay, now I know what do blame for my 20 lb weight gain…:))
  • Tired people are hugely stressed. (uh oh)

Ok all interesting facts but the  BIG question is


 This is what most of the research confers on:

  • Make your bedroom a haven for sleep. Make it as dark as you possibly can, and also make it slightly cool.
IMG_7951 - Copy
Note the fan in the corner… eh?? lol
IMG_7949 - Copy
The blinds are down, the curtains are drawn…but I had to turn the light on to take the picture…..otherwise it is nice and dark in the room when I’m trying to sleep…
  • Reduce your amount of light exposure at least half an hour before you go to bed.  Light increases levels of alertness and will delay sleep. 
  • Also, try not to drink caffeine too late in the day.
Bye, Bye evening tea…wahhhhh
  • Turn off cell phones, computers anything that will stimulate the brain, get the TV out of the bedroom or anything else that doesn’t belong in there, like a treadmill :))
iPhone this is your new bedtime routine, hanging out on the kitchen table !!!
  • Wind down. Do those sorts of things that you know are going to ease you off into a lovely dew of slumber, have a nightly routine (say your prayers, meditate…)whatever it takes.
IMG_7883 - Copy
                  Hey it worked for her….my turn next 🙂                              Happy slumber little one.

I’m confident all this will work for me too, now just to put it to practice and enjoy a full night’s sleep – ahhh that will be such A Wandaful Thing!!!

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