Being Polite Isn’t What it’s Cracked up to be!

Another Snippet from the Surly Mermaid:

 Being Polite Isn’t What it’s Cracked up to be!

I consider myself a polite and courteous  person. I was raised that way and have in turn raised my own children the same way.

The problem is the selfish, me me, people of today, are always trying to take advantage of this.  Being polite now entails wearing an invisible Teflon suit. You need it to deflect all the emotional baggage that other people, including strangers,  are always trying to unload on you.

Sure you might feel better having crossed paths.  Yes, I may have held the door open for you or let you in the line ahead of me, but honestly that’s it, I don’t need your life story!!I am just being nice like I was brought up to be – end of story.

While my face and body may appear neutral, my mind is working full throttle planning an escape route from you, or it’s thinking about supper or it is screaming inside “S H U T  UP!!!”

Please remember this, the next time someone holds the door open  for you or does something polite and kind, just a simple response of “Thanks” included with a smile is sufficient AND please just keep going. Like I do!!!! 🙂


Until next time—that was my snippet and I’m The Surly Mermaid.


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