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I have to give credit where credit is due for the idea of posting about “simple” things.  Amelia from YouCanAlwaysStartNow and I collaborate regularly on ideas for posts like travel, life, monthly challenges, as well as many other things.

I often get stuck for post ideas (I’m not as organized or focused as she is).  She mentioned doing posts on simple things or simple ideas to make life easier and I totally jumped on it.

She has already done a few posts on simple things, be sure to go check them out easy head bands and no sew slip covers.

I am going to share two simple ideas- one is using a pool noodle, the other uses balled up newspaper.

I have a couple of pairs of boots that I love and try to look after (I believe in buying the best I can afford and having it for a long time).  One way to keep my boots in good condition is to use boot shapers to keep them upright and not bundled up at the bottom of my closet. Instead of buying boot shapers, I can make one pair from a simple Dollar Store pool noodle.

I cut the pool noodle in two but because the pool noodle was thin I cut each piece down the middle then put the two pieces together sliding one inside the other. This made a for a thicker shape and helps retain the shape of the boots much better.

Not only does the pool noodle help retain the shape, it will help prevent cracks and creases, especially in leather and vinyl boots and one size can fit all.

Read on for the second simple thing…

This second simple thing tip also involves footwear.  I love my slip on Sketchers. I admit I rarely wear socks in them and unfortunately that often leads to foot odour in my shoes – eww gross I know.

One of cheapest, easiest ways I have found to combat the odour is to use balled up newspaper stuffed in each shoe and left to sit for 12-24 hours. Another good thing about using newspaper is that once you are done with the newspaper you can recycle it or use it to clean your windows.

Simple things are A Wandaful Thing!

Let me know if you use these methods or have other simply Wandaful ideas.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you back here in 2019.

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