February Craft Challenge using Puzzle Pieces – the results….

February Craft Challenge Reveal…

craft-supplies-clipart-1Just in case you are new and this is the first you are hearing about this, here’s the scoop. On the Third Monday of every month, Amelia, (she blogs over at You Can Always Start Now) and I do a project or post based on one chosen DIY craft or theme, then we share our results and hopefully have inspired you to join our challenge.

In January the theme was canvas (we both chose an artist’s canvas). The links to our January results will be at the end of this post.  This month’s theme (February) we challenged ourselves to create something using  Puzzle Pieces. jigsaw-puzzle-pieces-clipart-1 

We had a great project submitted from Little Free Monkeys entitled “How to fix a broken heart for about $1.00” – go check out her blog, you’ll love it, I did, and she nailed the puzzle piece project…you’ll find great instructions on how to make it!!


Here are our Puzzle Piece projects:

Amelia took a card she already had (You’re so Fancy) and cut it into 9 pieces. She used magnetic backing purchased from the Dollar store.  She also had puzzle pieces left over from a Christmas craft project and decided to make mini puzzles for the fridge for those people who arrive in her kitchen that can’t keep still.

When we first decided to do puzzle pieces, all I could think of were the two crafts I made during my 12 Days of Christmas – Day 4: Puzzle Piece Wreath & Ornament.

I did have an ah ha moment when I realized Valentine’s Day was around the corner and decided to make a card. I used my Cricut Explore Air to cut the card and to write the words “Love You To Pieces…” my handwriting is not steady enough to do it freehand but this card could be done completely by hand.

I used leftover scraps of cardstock, traced the puzzle pieces onto the paper, cut them out and used Modge Podge to adhere to each puzzle piece. Once they were dry, I used foam dots to attach to the card.

Neither of our crafts was difficult or expensive, so this goes to show you can be creative and make cute things without spending a lot of money. By challenging ourselves each month it helps to keep the creative juices flowing. We would love to have you join us and it’s not too late to add a project to this month’s challenge, you can email us pics of your projects with permission to post them.

If you decide to join us you will be featured on both our blogs, our FB pages, social media shout outs via Twitter and added to our Pinterest boards. In case you missed it at the beginning of this post make sure to come back on the Third Monday of every month in 2016 to see what we did with our craft item challenge.

Be sure to Mark Your Calendar for March as we will be crafting with Yarn …oh the possibilities….

Craft Challenges are such A Wandaful Thing!

For details on January’s crafts here are the links

A Wandaful Thing – January reveal

You Can Always Start Now – January reveal

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