Day 4: Puzzle Piece Wreath & Ornament

Welcome to Day 4 of my 12 Days of Christmas.


Today I want to show you what I did with some free puzzles pieces I got at an auction in the summer.  No one else seemed to want them. I knew I’d figure out a way to repurpose and reuse them.

I’ve seen puzzle wreaths before so I decided on a large wreath that could hang on a door or a wall and a small wreath to use as an ornament on the Christmas tree.



If you decide to  make one here are the things you will need:
Puzzle pieces
Cardboard to make a wreath form (for the large one)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Spray paint  or craft paint                                                                                                                       Paint brush                                                                                                                                                 Ribbon for hanging and embellishments

For the white one, I started off by cutting a 12 inch diameter template from cardboard to glue the puzzle pieces to.



Next I used the glue gun and start gluing the puzzle pieces down. You’ll need to overlap the pieces in order to cover the cardboard. Within an hour, you have yourself a Christmas wreath. Just remember, this is for indoor display only.

For the puzzle piece ornament, I overlapped each piece and used a dab of glue to hold them together. I added a second layer for dimension.


The wreath was spray painted white and the ornament was painted with green craft paint. Once they were dry, I embellished the wreath with gold bells, a spray from the craft store and in the end I decided to add a plaid ribbon and hang it on my front door.

The tree ornament was embellished with a small red ribbon and it was ready for hanging on my tree.



Reused and repurposed puzzle pieces – It’s A Wandaful Thing!

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