Cheap and Easy Repurposed Wood for Fall Decor

IMG_0656  I am sad to see summer gone but once fall hits and the weather turns cooler, that’s when I seem to want to make, bake and decorate. What about you?

We’ve only been in our little fixer upper for two months now and already I have a ton of ideas and projects I want to complete (by I – I mean we..).This is one that happened from finding a piece of fence post left behind by the previous owner.

I admit that I have a thing for “pumpkins” and I absolutely LOVE decorating for halloween. The piece of fence post left behind was about 24″ long. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to repurpose it and I asked L to cut it into three pieces for me 10″, 8″, and 6″ and bless him he sanded them down for me while he was at it.

Here are the pumpkins before they were “roughed” up, just a little!! AND no they are not in my bay window yet…


I knew they were going to make wonderful pumpkin decorations for my bay window. I picked up the “halloween” orange paint at the Dollarama (I bought three bottles at $1.25 each and didn’t even use an entire bottle for this project). For the stems I used a few pieces of skinny branches that had broken off one of the trees out back (L cut these for me as well – he doesn’t like me using sharp objects….hmmmm).

A bit of light sanding on a few corners and edges and a  little rafia that I already had in my craft stash and voila !!! I’m pleased with these pumpkins because not only do I think they are “right some” cute but they fit into my motto of making life more enjoyable with the things that surround you. For $1.31 (tax included) and two hours of crafting, I know these pumpkins will be around for many, many years to come. I think it’s A Wandaful Thing.


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