10 Easy Halloween Crafts


I am here to round up 10 Easy Halloween crafts and the best part is all of these crafts take 30 minutes or less to make.  No excuses …  You do have time to get creative and make something this Halloween!

For instructions on each project click on the underlined titles.

Mason Jar Lid Spider

Mason Jar Lid Spider
Halloween Decor Jars 

Canning Jar Ring Pumpkin

Framed Pumpkin

Slinky Pumpkin

easy pumpkin craft made out of a slinky

Halloween Solar Lights


Frankenstein Can

best halloween crafts

Milk Jug Ghosts

halloween jugs

Wooden Pumpkins

Pumpkin for blog

Soup Can Halloween Mummies

Fill covered cans with candy.

Quick, easy, Halloween decorations – they’re A Wandaful Thing!

What will you be making this Halloween?

4 thoughts on “10 Easy Halloween Crafts”

    1. Your idea of making a slinky into a pumpkin was so unique and interesting I was thrilled to include it – I enjoyed visiting your blog and as well. Thanks for your feedback. Oh and lol now I am on the hunt for a slinky (preferably second hand as that is what I am all about – repurposing).


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