10 Things I Love About You!!

Last year around this time, I was absolutely flat broke (I was new to this Province and was still not employed….).   Since I am a lover of Valentine’s Day and needed a gift for my sweetie, I knew I only had one choice -I had to make the gift. It had to be meaningful, yet cheap :).

I came up with the 10 Things I Love About You Jar…..

Yes, that is my kitty cat in the background, seems he only wants to hang around with me when I am trying to work on my blog…lol


The jar was pretty easy to put together. I already had the jar (it is from the Bulk Barn), I also already had the twine. The button was donated to me by my landlady at the time, so then I only had to print off the label and write out 10 reasons why I love my guy (it was pretty easy).

Since my handsome kitty was so involved in the photo shoot, I decided to include him in this post.

My guy loved the jar and told me he thought it was A Wandaful Thing!!

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