Junk and Treasures

On Saturday past we decided to take a break from house renovations and fix-ups and go on a little road trip to search out some junk and treasures.

After a bit of googling, I found, what I referred to as my treasure map and asked L how far away all these places were and how long it would take. (For anyone living in Alberta or anyone that really wants to know we followed the Kalyna Country Antique tour – tidbit Kalyna means high bush cranberry in the Ukrainian culture). We did add one extra spot to our tour as we saw signs for an antique show – happy, happy, joy, joy… we left at 830am and arrived home just after 900pm. I will stop babbling now and show you our treasures…

I have a few ideas  to transform the wall sconce, the enamel bowl and the rusty canning jar lids….before I share mine, I would love to know what you would use them for….ah yes It’s A Wandafulthing!!!

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    1. Why I am going to make a pumpkin, lol – then it was suggested to use them as a grouping on a wall, I really like that idea!!

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