2017 Instagram Challenge


My friend and fellow blogger Amelia at You Can Always Start Now has decided to do a year-long challenge using Instagram to create a story of events in 2017.

I have decided to join her in this challenge as it will be fun to capture my life through pictures and let others, perhaps, see things through someone else’s  eyes. Some of it may be random as I like to take pictures of “odd” things but that’s ok because that will capture what I was thinking or feeling at that moment.

I tend to reflect at the end of each year and think about how my year started and how it ended. This challenge is definitely going to help me capture not only how my year starts and ends but all that fun stuff in between.

If you want to join this challenge or only just want to post the odd picture please post on Instagram using #2017startingnow.

I spent the last month back in my hometown and captured a few moments that I have already posted to Instagram or soon will be posting but here’s a preview.


Being home it was A Wandaful Thing!


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