Vintage and Thrift Hunting- Post #4

Welcome back to Vintage and Thrift Hunting this is Post #4. I am so happy you’re here and can’t wait to share with you my latest thrifty and auction finds!

Quick recap: Since one of my favorite pastimes is vintage and thrift hunting, I’ve decided to start a regular feature here on the blog about the fun and interesting things I find whether I am scouring thrift stores, garage or tag sales, antique markets or estate auctions.

Since my last post, I’ve been to two lucrative auctions and managed an entire day of garage sales.  I won’t be able to show all my fabulous treasures in this post but I’ve picked out a few of my favourites.

Everything goes in trends and lately old rotary phones are very popular and since the last post I have bought and sold three more vintage rotary dial phones.  Two of them are desktop phones and one is a wall mount.(Only showing the brown and black wall mount)


Next is a nice old rusty saw blade. This thing is huge – I thought one of my female customers would snap this up for a decoration or to paint but turns out I have a few male followers who were quite interested in this blade.  Win-Win!

Everything I buy, in my mind, has a story or I can relate a story to the item. These adorable baby sized Wooden shoes from Holland reminded me of a pair that my father owned when I was a young girl. I fondly remember trying to walk in his over sized shoes, something I could never fill. (Available)

Wooden crates (fruit in this case) are always big sellers, I think it is due to the vast array of things you can use a crate for.  This one is from Japan and held mandarin oranges.  It still has the paper label mostly in tact and the crate itself is in good condition. (SOLD) Continue reading Vintage and Thrift Hunting- Post #4

Repurpose a Chair Seat into a Rustic Wooden Pumpkin


Front Porch Pic1I recently posted about a cat bed I made using an old wooden crate and part of a chair that I found discarded and ready for the garbage pile (see that post here).

Since I had only used the legs from the chair and wasn’t quite ready to throw the rest away, I was hopeful that I could find a way to repurpose the rest of it someday.

Inspiration struck when I started to decorate my porch for fall and Halloween.floor mat

As I was digging through some stuff in the shed and trying to decide how and what to use to decorate my porch, the chair seat caught my eye

Continue reading Repurpose a Chair Seat into a Rustic Wooden Pumpkin