April Monthly Challenge

April Craft Challenge – make something that includes a kitchen utensil.

Kitchen Utensils Clipart #1Just in case you are new and this is the first you are hearing about this, here’s the scoop. On the Third Monday of every month, Amelia, (she blogs over at You Can Always Start Now) and I do a project or post based on one chosen DIY craft or theme, then we share our results and hopefully have inspired you to join our challenge.

This month was a bit of a challenge for me as I wanted to try to do something really different and unique but in the end I made something using an item that was destined for Goodwill (an old box cheese grater). This item also turned out to be something I actually needed and use daily.

cheese grater holder 3

I had left over spray paint from another project and on the warmest day we had thus far – (it was +5), I took my grater and spray paint and went to the great outdoors (ok my patio and only a few steps from the door, but it was still outside lol).

Once it was dry I only spent about 15 minutes hanging some of my favorite pieces of jewelry(the jewelry I wear most often) on my repurposed box cheese grater.

Amelia from You Can Always Start Now  was very creative with some kitchen cutlery. Be sure to check out her post.

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