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Vintage and Thrift Hunting- Post #1

Since one of my favorite pastimes is vintage and thrift hunting, I’ve decided to start a regular feature here on the blog about the fun and interesting things I find whether I am scouring thrift stores, garage or tag sales, antique markets or estate auctions.

I do sell some of the items I buy, sometimes I repurpose them, mostly I don’t because I like them just the way they are. If the item is for sale, I will mark it available and if it’s not for sale you will see these initials NFS. I will put a link below to my selling site if you are interested.

All of my latest finds came from thrift stores. This Vintage Avon Rooster milk glass perfume bottle (empty) is in great condition and this was my first time to see one in a thrift store so naturally it followed me home. I’m a sucker for milk glass. (available)

It was my day for finding Vintage Avon and I just could not resist this blue and white Delft Milk glass pitcher and bowl, it was a bit on the pricey side but I knew it would sell quickly.


When I saw this 1940s Keele Street hand painted pottery jug, I envisioned some pretty Spring flowers just in time for Easter. It is available but only until I find the perfect flowers to put in it. It has many more uses than a flower vase but that was the first one that popped into my head so I’ll stick with that idea.

Day 9 : Christmas Shortbread Bars

Christmas Shortbread Bars

Shortbread is a wonderful thing. It is so full of butter and simply melts in your mouth. It is my all time favorite cookie at Christmas and a ‘must bake’ every year.


This recipe is so easy, no cooling in the fridge, no rolling, no cutting. You just need to combine all the ingredients and pat into an ungreased baking pan. The hardest part is waiting for them to come out of the oven.

The colored sugar gives these cookies the perfect festive look and they are immediately ready for the holidays. This shortbread is Barbara Bush’s recipe from the “White House Cookbook” and can be found online here at Bake Space along with some other delicious recipes.


This recipe makes lots, it filled this vintage cookie tin, this tin wasn’t this pretty blue to begin with,  a can of spray paint can work wonders. 😉

Here is what you need to make these melt in your mouth shortbread bars: …

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