Let’s be nice this season -Snippet from the Surly Mermaid

December’s Snippet from the East Coast Surly Mermaid…

Let’s be nice this season.

I am aware that I am snippy and from time to time and have been known to wear that dreaded “resting bitch face,” but as the Holidays fast approach, I am doing my best to try to be nice. Holy crap it’s hard.

I am determined to be nice to retail workers. I figure that they have families to feed and lives outside of the stores. I can’t even imagine  all the crap and stupidity that they must withstand daily. Continue reading Let’s be nice this season -Snippet from the Surly Mermaid

Alien Step-daughters by Snippets from The Surly Mermaid

My step-daughters are aliens! It’s true. I have finally accepted it and it took me years to come to this conclusion. There can be no other reason for their behavior except that they are not from the planet Earth. I have determined that they are from the planet Disjesia.

On Disjesia you can be a bible thumping, delusional little critter who thinks that Disney movies are real and they all actually happened (cartoons included). Listen up Twinkies- the Parent Trap is not a true story! IT IS MAKE BELIEVE. Lindsay Lohan and Hayley Mills are actresses and even as actresses they never really tried to hurt or maim their step-mother.

Where in the bible does it say that bleach will rid you of your step-mother? Can you quote me that one? Didn’t think so. Keep it up with your shenanigans and I will curse you with a good case of Herbie the Love Bug, Surly Mermaid style: Sebastian and his band of crustacean brothers! LOL

Until next time…..

The Surly Mermaid