Day 10 – A WandafulThing 12 Days of Christmas 2019 -Pinterest Inspired

                  A WandafulThing 12 Days of Christmas 2019 – Day 10

It’s already Day 10 of my 12 Days of Christmas 2019, where does the time go? I hope you have been following along and enjoying the pinterest inspired ideas so far.

Day 10 brings you an upcycled wine bottle using paint and an image transfer technique.

The wine jug was found at the thrift store so, no, my friend did not have to drink the wine this time, lol.

I tried to cover the bottle with white chalk paint but for some reason it would not stick to the bottle so I gave it two coats of white spray paint instead. I found the free graphic on The Graphics Fairy website, here is the link to the image I used.

As per the instructions you will find at ArtsyVaVa, I printed out the graphic in reverse on a laser printer. I adhered the graphic to the bottle using mod podge as that was all I had on hand at the time, although it is recommended to use Dixie Belle clear coat (I would use that next time).

Once it was completely dry, I sprayed the paper with water and started to rub off the paper to reveal the image.  It didn’t quite work out the way it was supposed to as I rubbed off too much of the image but I think it looks “more” antiquey (is that a word) this way.

I added jute twine with hot glue around the top of the jug and added some floral sprays (red berries and silver leaves for the Christmas feel).

My inspiration came from ArtsyVaVa and can be found here.

Even though I think this was a Pinterest fail due to the fact I did not follow the instructions exactly, I do like it and have made it worthy of display as home decor. It will be easy to change it up for different seasons.

It’s been a great deal of fun preparing for this event, and I hope you come back for the last two days of 12 Days of Christmas 2019.

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Day 9 : Christmas Shortbread Bars

Christmas Shortbread Bars

Shortbread is a wonderful thing. It is so full of butter and simply melts in your mouth. It is my all time favorite cookie at Christmas and a ‘must bake’ every year.


This recipe is so easy, no cooling in the fridge, no rolling, no cutting. You just need to combine all the ingredients and pat into an ungreased baking pan. The hardest part is waiting for them to come out of the oven.

The colored sugar gives these cookies the perfect festive look and they are immediately ready for the holidays. This shortbread is Barbara Bush’s recipe from the “White House Cookbook” and can be found online here at Bake Space along with some other delicious recipes.


This recipe makes lots, it filled this vintage cookie tin, this tin wasn’t this pretty blue to begin with,  a can of spray paint can work wonders. 😉

Here is what you need to make these melt in your mouth shortbread bars: Continue reading Day 9 : Christmas Shortbread Bars

October Craft Challenge

October Craft Challenge – recycling or re-purposing any type of  used container.

mason-jar-soap-dispenserJust in case you are new and this is your first time visiting, here’s the scoop. On the Third Monday of every month, Amelia (my friend and fellow blogger) and I do a project or post based on one chosen DIY craft or theme, then we share our results and hopefully have inspired you to join the challenge. (The links to our challenge results can be found at the end of this post.)

Last month was our mason jar challenge and the picture to the left shows the mason jar I turned into a soap dispenser.

This month the challenge was to recycle or re-purpose using any type of used container.  I chose to re-purpose two vintage glass Grenache Caramel containers, which I found in a box that I purchased at an auction.  I thought about selling them on my vintage site Wandaful Things, Trinkets and Treasures  but I decided to use them in my bathroom to store makeup sponges and cotton pads.  The transformation was pretty simple, I removed the labels,  spray painted the lids and added a decorative top as a knob and that was it.

Here are the before and after pictures.




Since the lids on these jars are plastic, I thought a glass knob would be too heavy so I started looking for something light weight (plastic), I found Christmas ornaments at my local Dollarma and immediately knew I wanted to use the tops for my jars. I think they were a perfect choice, don’t you?



Continue reading October Craft Challenge

Day 3: Use CDs as Candle Holders

Welcome to Day 3 of my 12 Days of Christmas.

Today’s project is another simple easy DIY project with items you probably already have around the house.


I chose to paint my CD’s with silver spray paint that I had left over from another project, because I wasn’t planning on using the CD for any other purpose- like music- you could leave them as is and they would still look great.


The hardest part of this project for me was waiting for the paint to dry – you see it’s been below zero lately in my neck of the woods and spray paint doesn’t do well in that type of temperature – so I ran outside, Continue reading Day 3: Use CDs as Candle Holders

Light Fixture Makeover: DIY

I think all good designers would agree that  the cheapest way to update a room is with a fresh coat of paint.   I also think that goes for more than just the walls.

When money is tight and your budget doesn’t allow for brand new, it’s amazing what a can of spray paint can do.



We are slowly updating our house, one room at a time, or more like one project per room at a time. With the updates to the kitchen, our ceiling fan with it’s brass base just wasn’t cutting it. One can of spray paint, along with some leftover craft paint and we had a totally new look. Continue reading Light Fixture Makeover: DIY