A Day Out – Antiquing and Thrifting

There is nothing more a thrifter/vintage/antique shopper loves more than to come across a new place to shop.

My partner in crime couldn’t join me on my latest adventure so I went solo but was instructed to take lots of pictures, just in case it is worthy of a second trip (trust me it is).

The new place I discovered is about an hour and a half from my house in a little town called Pigeon Lake (that’s in Alberta, Canada),  the name of the store is Backstreet. I met one of the owners Maureen and we had a great chat about the business and in particular the second store out back called Backstreet Cottage. It use to be a church, turned woodworking shop, turned furniture/home decor store, which it is today.  She was ok with me taking pics and videos and I promised her I would tag her in my post. They also write a blog and have great information and photos on their website – be sure to take a look at https://www.backstreetantique.com/


Check out the giant chair on the roof 🙂

Here is the front store (shown above) with new home decor, fashion, jewelry, candles and a few antique pieces in the mix. There is also another shop and SEVEN, yes seven sea cans full of antiques to browse through – YES, I checked everyone of them out.

Now for a ton of pictures – enjoy!

Feast for the eyes 🙂 A lot of these pictures were taken in the sea cans 🙂 and in the gift shop there was something for everyone (meaning the guys too).

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Paint Chip Ring

This is such a great idea!!

10 Paint Secrets: How to make a paint chip key ring with all of your home's paint colors on it! It's super handy when you're out shopping for fabric, furniture, or decorative accents like pillows, etc.

We are ever so slowly updating, renovating and painting our little house.
The  painting in the living room and kitchen is complete and while I was at it I painted the kitchen cupboards too.
The bathroom renovation (we started so very long ago I am actually embarrassed to say when that was) is starting to take shape finally and I am almost finished painting in there too.

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Christmas Checklist

I thought I’d share this countdown to Christmas checklist with you. My fellow blogger and friend over at You Can Always Start Now sent this to me and gave me her blessing to share with my readers.

This is counting down backwards to Christmas Day!

Day 12

  • Clean out the fridge and freezer to free up space
  • Gather your holiday recipes and cross-reference the ingredients you have with the ones you’ll need to buy
  • Check your inventory of cookware, serving pieces, and food storage containers to see what’s missing. If you’re in need of something, contact a family member or friend to see if you can borrow or share items.

Day 11

  • Shop for groceries and pick up everything you’ll need to complete your holiday recipes. If it CAN be baked or cooked ahead of time, buy the ingredients now.
  • Be sure to purchase plenty of frozen hors d’oeuvres and finger foods, they are a lifesaver when guests drop by unexpectedly.
  • If you have kids at home, hire a babysitter rather than taking them with you to shop. Shopping alone with help you stay focused.

Day 10

  • Cook any dishes ahead of time that you can. Casseroles, appetizers and desserts can be frozen, thus saving you time on the big day.
  • Before starting your cooking and baking, lay out all the ingredients and baking supplies you’ll need.  Try to clean as you go minimizing the mess.

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