Day 7 – 12 Days of Christmas 2018

Welcome to Day 7 of my 12 Days of Christmas 2018

Today’s easy under 30 minute gift idea is a Seaglass Christmas Tree ornament. I have collected Seaglass for a good number of years and usually display it in dishes scattered around my house.  A dear friend of mine makes wonderful art with some of the Seaglass she has collected and encouraged me to finally use some of mine, other than just in jars and dishes around the house.  LOL as you will see I started out slow.

I only used four pieces of seaglass, some e6000 glue and a ribbon for hanging.  To make one similar to the one I made you need three pieces of green glass that are similar in shape and size and one piece of brown Seaglass. You simply overlap the green pieces and glue them in place and add a brown piece that looks like a trunk on the back of the green pieces at the widest end. I added a piece of red cotton ribbon on the back and a rhinestone for decoration on the front. I didn’t like the fact the e6000 glue looked shiny when it dried against the natural look of the Seaglass so I decided to give the whole thing, both front and back a clear coat of nail polish.

Here is picture before I added the clear coat of nail polish.                                           

So if you have any Seaglass and are wondering what to do with it here is a link to my Wandaful Seaglass Pinterest page where I have pinned lots of ideas, and maybe one of these days, I’ll even decide to try another project.

Have you ever made any Wandaful Things from Seaglass?  If so I’d love to see what they are.

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Where in the world was “A Wandaful Thing”???



I must apologize for missing a post on June 30,  because for the first time ever we took three weeks vacation (in a row) and believe it or not some of the places we visited did not have any cellular or internet service 🙂 .

We went back to my home province of Nova Scotia and spent much of the time on Cape Breton Island.

We covered a lot of territory and I can happily say I can check some items off my Summer Bucket List.

I must thank my dear friend Amelia P from You Can Always Start Now for jumping in and doing a guest post last Monday – what would I do without her? Happy to report we did get to have a face to face visit.

The main reason and most important reason for our trip was to be….

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DIY: 10 Gallon Crock End Table

IMG_8044What do you do when you need an end table and there is no money in the budget for one?? Well you make one out of something you already have.

I am always so excited when I can repurpose something I already own into something useful that I need……and that happened to be my antique 10 gallon Medalta crock. Continue reading DIY: 10 Gallon Crock End Table