Vintage and Thrift Hunting- Post #5

Welcome back to Vintage and Thrift Hunting this is Post #5. I am so happy you’re here and can’t wait to share with you my latest thrifty and auction finds!

One of my favorite bloggers is Diana from Adirondack Girl @Heart and this week she said something rather catchy but it wasn’t exactly true for me this week. She said it was a vintage day in the neighborhood.  It wasn’t a total bust but it wasn’t my best week either. It’s a good thing that the garage sale(ing) season is just beginning so there will be plenty of time to scope out and buy vintage treasures.

I will show you some of the finds from those two fabulous auctions I mentioned in my previous posts as well as a few items I scored this week.

Here are two beautiful vintage cobalt blue bottles – the corks are not original.  These sell individually on Etsy for $12.00 a piece. I sold both bottles for $12.00

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