Day 12 – 12 Days of Christmas Pinterest Inspired

A Wandaful Thing 12 Days of Christmas – Day 12

Today brings me to the conclusion of my 12 Days of Christmas Pinterest Inspired posts.  I hope you have been following along to see all the interesting things I’ve created based on what has been inspiring me on Pinterest this holiday season.

Today I bring to you an easy to make Christmas garland made entirely of items purchased from the Dollar Tree. I enjoy making things that look great but are still relatively inexpensive to make.


I purchased a flashing Christmas bulb necklace, some burlap that was layered with white lace, some plaid ribbon, and white acrylic paint, all from the Dollar Tree.  I was fortunate the day I was making this to have a dear friend visiting and she soon found herself helping out in the craft room. We painted the bulbs with the white acrylic paint (three coats) and while that was drying we removed the lace from the burlap.  The burlap, the ribbon and the lace were all cut into 7 inch strips (approximately).  When the bulbs were dry and put back on the necklace we started to layer the burlap, the ribbon and the lace. It still seemed to be missing something so I added a few randomly placed pieces of jute twine.

It started off being hung on my craft room peg board, then it went on the tree (if I make about 5 more they would cover the tree), then it made it’s way above the Christmas tree and is now hanging off the blinds (first picture at the top of the post).

I found my inspiration for this here.

That concludes my 12 Days of Christmas Pinterest Inspired posts for this year (2019).  I’ve enjoyed them and I hope you have too.

So what do you think, was my version a pass or a fail??

Are you inspired now to go search Pinterest for fun, easy ideas to make?

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Day 11: Cork Ornaments





During my many visits on Pinterest I saw a variety of ornaments made from used corks.

I decided to try my hand at them. I had to purchase my corks online and found some used corks at Jelinek Cork Group.

I also searched the internet for the easiest way to cut the corks and after many different opinions decided to use the steam method. Continue reading Day 11: Cork Ornaments

DIY: Easy Beverage Coasters

Check out this awesome DIY easy beverage coaster.

photo (8)photo (7)

I am so lucky that I have some very creative and “crafty” friends and fellow bloggers.  All of the colorful pictures were sent to me by my friend and fellow blogger from You Can Always Start Now.

This is how she made them. Continue reading DIY: Easy Beverage Coasters