DIY High-End Christmas Pillows

I really wanted some pillows to display for Christmas. I really didn’t want to pay upwards of $40 each. I decided to see if I could find some pillow covers at Dollar Tree or Dollarama and give them some pizazz to make them look like high-end pillows.

To achieve this I found two of the same pillow cover (18″x18″) at Dollarama for $4.00 each. I love this snowflake pattern with the red background.

I uploaded two different images I liked from my Cricut Access to Cricut Design Space. (1000s of free images in you have a monthly design space membership). I decided on the words Merry (and) Bright. I sized them to 10.5 wide x 5.5 tall and cut them from white iron on vinyl . An important tip to remember before cutting is to mirror your image so that when you go to heat transfer the vinyl is it facing the correct way.

Next I weeded the excess vinyl from the design and used my Cricut Easy Press to heat transfer the vinyl to the pillow cover. My press was set at 315 F and I pressed for 30 seconds.

This vinyl is what they call a cold peel, so I waited until the design was cool to the touch before peeling off the clear backing. **( you can use a regular clothes iron for this, set it at the highest setting and make sure the steam setting is turned off).

Once both designs were heat transfered to the pillow covers, I inserted a 20″x20″ IKEA “Inner” pillow form into each one. I don’t find these are very full so I would suggest buying a very cheap standard size pillow from Walmart and use the stuffing that is inside that pillow. It will more than stuff two 18″x18″ pillow covers.

I quite like how they turned out.

Here is a break down of the cost to make two DIY High-End looking Christmas Pillows:

2 x Dollarama Pillow Covers $8.00

1 sheet of 12″x12″ Cricut everyday iron on vinyl $5.00

2 x IKEA “Inner” pillow forms $10.00

It cost me a total of $23.00 to make two high end Christmas Pillows. That is only $11.50, much cheaper than the $30 or $40 you can pay at a big box store. I could have reduced the cost to just $17.00 if I had used the cheap Walmart pillow for stuffing the pillows.

YES, you can DIY on the cheap and it will look like a high-end item from a big box store but without the big box store price.

To me that’s A Wandaful Thing!!!

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Day 4- A WandafulThing 12 Days of Christmas 2020

                  A WandafulThing 12 Days of Christmas 2020 – Day 4

Thank you for joining me for my 12 Days of Christmas 2020.

If you missed Day 1, 2 &3- there will be a link at the end of this post.

This year I am going back to basics of why I started my blog and that was to inspire you to make, bake, create and decorate, all on a budget of course.  Over the next four weeks I will share some simple, easy and budget friendly ideas just in time for the holidays.

Day 4:  DIY – Holiday Straws

stras in jar 2


These straws are eye-catching and delightful, and they couldn’t be easier to DIY.  They will add a little extra oomph to any holiday drink.

Simply attach small die-cut holly leaves and berries to a red-and-white paper straw with a dab of hot glue or glue dots.

Supplies needed:

  • red and white paper straws
  • red and green cardstock
  • glue gun or glue dots
  • paper punch, die cuts or Cricut or other die cutting machine

I used my Cricut die cutting machine and a free svg file of holly leaves and berries. I cut mine at 3/4 inch. If you have a paper punch or a die cut of holly berries, simply cut equal amounts of holly and berries and attach with either glue dots or hot glue.

I used glue dots to attach the leaves to the straw, as well as the small cluster of red berries.

Simple, easy, inexpensive DIY Holiday Straws make a great addition to any holiday drink.  It’s AWandafulThing!

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Upcycled Thrift Store Napkin Holder

I found this cute wooden heart-shaped napkin holder at my local thrift store last week. A dated wooden piece like this is usually finished in dark stained pine with no sealer. I should have brushed on a coat of Zinsser primer but I didn’t.

I decided to use Rustoleum Chalk Paint in linen white and thankfully one good coat was enough to cover it completely.

Next I decided to use my Cricut to cut out a design in permanent glossy red vinyl for each side.  Both of the files are from  Makers Gonna Learn  and if you haven’t heard of them, I strongly advise you go check out their website and YouTube Videos. I’ve learned so much from this group of wonderful people. I just recently took out a membership and this is my first project using their files (LOVE THEM).


Continue reading Upcycled Thrift Store Napkin Holder

Day 10 – 12 Days of Christmas 2018

Welcome to Day 10 of my 12 Days of Christmas 2018

Today I bring you another under 30 minute craft idea you can use to package up a small gift and or some edible treats. The one I made is from Cricut Design Space and it is called Cricut Snowflake Treat Box, here is the link.

If you don’t have an electronic cutting machine, I will leave a link to some print and cut files below, so you can still make your own treat gift boxes.

Cricut Design Space features Ready-to-Make projects. These Ready-to- Make projects include everything from home décor to fashion to paper crafting, and even a variety of FREE projects. To make a project, all you need to do is gather your supplies and go.

You can create the Ready-to-Make project by clicking the “Make It” button  which takes you directly to the mat preview screen.  If you want to change the size of your project or change it in any other way you can click on the  “Customize” button – this takes you to the design screen were you can make your adjustments. For this little box I decided to leave it as it was originally designed.  It was so great to have my Cricut Explore Air One do all the cutting for me. 

I think these handmade gift/treat boxes would make great Secret Santa gifts and/or neighbour gifts.

As promised here are some links to treat boxes you can print, cut by hand and embellish to your liking. Continue reading Day 10 – 12 Days of Christmas 2018

Day 9 – 12 Days of Christmas 2018

Welcome to Day 9 of my 12 Days of Christmas 2018

At the end of August (wow that seems so long ago), Michaels had flip-flops on sale for 70% off so I bought a few pair and figured I’d wait until inspiration hit me to do something with them.

That inspiration came when I saw this video by Tanner Bell.  Using iron on vinyl to personalize flip-flops.

I decided to personalize a pair of flip-flops for my daughter for Christmas and since she lives in Texas, I thought cacti would be cute. Here are the two images I used from Cricut Design Space (#M877022C)(#M855825F)Since I am planning a trip to visit her soon, I decided I needed a pair too.  Once I had my designs printed I used my Cricut easy press to adhere the vinyl to the flip-flops.

So fast, so easy, so cute – and start to finish under 30 minutes.

Here are close up pictures of the designs I used.

Personalized flip-flops are A Wandaful Thing!

It’s been a great deal of fun preparing for this event, and I can’t wait to show you all the Wandaful Things I’ve been up to. :)

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