Fun and interesting vintage finds…

I’m still not 100% sure what this is??? except a really cute wooden pig with missing ears and a pink nose.

In a previous post about my latest venture (you can read about that here) I told you how I love auctions, yard sales, thrift stores and curb side finds.

In this post I want to share some pictures of the fun, quirky and sometimes useful vintage things I’ve bought or found.

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All the way from Newfoundland – a hand carved wooden fish

As some of you may know (if you’ve been lucky, like me, to be able to attend an estate auction) that auctioneers will sell what is called a “box lot”  and these usually  go for a pretty affordable price.

Over the years I’ve bid on and won some of these box lots. Things are usually moving along at a good pace, so when I win the box lot I don’t usually have time to sort through it at the auction – heaven forbid, I might miss out on the next fabulous item!!

Lot box full of chalkware and other interesting goodies

I do, however, unpack and sort carefully through the items when I get home.  I sometimes get a puzzled look on my face and other times a good chuckle. The internet is a wonderful tool and it often helps me determine what things are and what they are used for.

I also turn to my Wandaful Things, Trinkets and Treasure FaceBook  followers to help me figure things out, those folks are just so darn smart!!

I also bring things  home from yard sales, thrift stores or off the curb because I see “potential” in them to be something other than what they originally were – I know all the Pinterester’s out there can understand this one.

Tazmanian devil clock
Taz devil clock
Before the calculator there was this...
Before the calculator there was this…
This is the item I found at a thrift store and my FB followers enlightened me to the fact it was a brass bed warmer minus the lid – neat eh?

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures.

I’d love to see pictures of some fun and quirky things you’ve acquired because I think this stuff is A Wandaful Thing!!




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  1. You certainly have a knack for finding unusual and interesting things. Ilove the wooden fish!

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