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Customer Testimonials

Margie C

I ordered The Happy Artisan Gift Box as a gift and Wanda showed me what was in it before it got sent out. Oh my, wish I had ordered one for myself now before they SOLD OUT. She handpicked the artisans and ensured the quality of each item was superb. All items were made locally and a little bit of “home” was included with The Ocean Child Candle. Wanda has done some custom orders for me in the past and she is fun and easy to work with. Professional customer service all the way and she goes above and beyond to ensure customers are happy!! I highly recommend purchasing one of the next boxes coming out or if you are looking for a beautiful handcrafted item, look no further.

Sandra T.

Ordered The Happy Artisan Box as soon as it was available. Really enjoyed the surprise of not knowing what was in it. LIke everything in the box. My daughter claimed one of the soaps, the candle is also very lovely. Fantastic products. Great quality. WIll definitely pre-order the next box, can’t wait to see what is in store.

Mylissa G.

Loving the keychain I got in my happy artisan gift box!!! Looking forward to seeing what the next season box has!

Peabody Amelia

Excited to receive my Happy Artisan Gift Box. Great variety of items. There is something inside for everyone! We all deserve a surprise and supporting small business and artisans added bonus.

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