Welcome to 12 Days of Christmas 2014! 

Welcome to 12 Days of Christmas 2014!

This is my first year of blogging about crafts and gift ideas for the holiday season.

There’s going to be 12 straight days of easy, elegant and inexpensive decorating, craft and gift ideas coming your way!

It’s been a great deal of fun preparing for this event, and I can’t wait to show you what Wandaful Things I’ve been up to. :)

See you back here tomorrow!!!

DIY: Faux Fur Stool



I picked this little guy up at an auction in the summer , along with three other smaller stools for $20.00 total . It was being used for standing on to reach things in the upper cupboards (yes I am on the short side)and sometimes for sitting on while putting on or taking off my shoes, but ever since I brought it home, I knew it was destined for something more…..

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DIY: Sleep Deeper…….

If you read my post on November 07, 2014 you know that I crave a good night’s sleep (I have been practicing what I preach and am up to almost 4 hours in a row now…woo hoo).  Sorry I digressed. When I was reading my fav blogs this week and came across this at The Chic Site well I knew I would have to try it and do a post.

How to Get Better Sleep

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DIY: Painted Antique Metal Heating Vent Grates

These two metal heating vent grates were given to me by a friend who was renovating her house. I am so fortunate that she knows me so well that I was the first person she thought of  and asked if I wanted them.  HECK YES!!!!

Here are the before pictures….

This one is 15 inches wide
This one is thirteen inches wide


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3 + 3 Things I’ve learned about blogging so far ….AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Happy Halloween !!!!!!

I have learned 3(three) things so far in the world of blogging and they are:

  •  you must have quality photos in your posts 
  • you must have time to dedicate to keeping your blog updated
  •  you must be consistent in the frequency of how often you post

The photos above show the enamel ware bowl I got on my antique/junk road trip in September – the same bowl I was planning on turning into a clock for  my kitchen but couldn’t bare to put a hole in it – not yet anyway…so today it is my receptacle for halloween candy and tomorrow it will house mittens and hats??? ~ maybe~

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