Super Easy Mason Jar Air Freshener

How pretty is this and oh so super easy to make yourself… on!!

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This was my favorite project  from the blogs I was following last week, it is from

I have two old pieces of furniture that I picked up this year (one back in August the other in October) both items were FREE – oh how I love that word!!! 🙂


This first one was used as a TV / entertainment centre by the previous owner and it was stored in a garage until I gave it a new home.

This one was also stored in a garage until it came to live with me.  They were both given a good scrub down when I took them home but yet they still had a musty smell.


These Super Easy Hand Made Air Fresheners are just what I needed to help eliminate the musty smell (at least til I get them painted or refinished)!!!

I already had the materials I needed on hand – two mason jars(any size),  baking soda, essential oil or fragrance oil and a piece of fabric.



Directions to make air freshener:

Cut your fabric into a square or circle. I cut the fabric slightly larger than the lid so there would be overhang that looks like a bit of a ruffle, I like ruffles …IMG_8230

Pour Baking Soda into your jar (about 1/2 full)IMG_8225

Next add about 10-20 drops of your favorite essential/ fragrance oil – all I had on hand today was grapefruit so grapefruit essential oil it was – don’t judge til you smell it …lolIMG_8228 - Copy

Place the fabric over the jar and screw the lid onto the jar. Using a sewing needle, carefully poke several holes it the fabric.IMG_8231

Shake the jar every few days to refresh the scent and add more oil as needed.

This is the inside of my cabinet, it only took about a day for the musty smell to disappear.
This is the inside of my cabinet, it only took about a day for the musty smell to disappear.

These Super Easy Hand Made Air Fresheners would make awesome hostess or neighbors gifts too 🙂

They look good and smell great too, ah yes I think it is A Wandaful Thing!

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