Being Polite Isn’t What it’s Cracked up to be!

Another Snippet from the Surly Mermaid:

 Being Polite Isn’t What it’s Cracked up to be!

I consider myself a polite and courteous  person. I was raised that way and have in turn raised my own children the same way.

The problem is the selfish, me me, people of today, are always trying to take advantage of this.  Being polite now entails wearing an invisible Teflon suit. You need it to deflect all the emotional baggage that other people, including strangers,  are always trying to unload on you. Continue reading Being Polite Isn’t What it’s Cracked up to be!

Blog following update for November

Welcome to November! I have decided that for this month instead of giving you 5 blogs to follow, I am going to share each Monday favorite projects from the blogs I follow each week. I think on other sites they call this Weekend Party Link.

As I promised in my first post regarding 5 blogs to follow, I am listing in my new category (link can be found on my home page)  “My Favorite Blogs” all the blogs I am following to date and of course as that grows it will be updated – so make sure to pop on over to that section to see what’s listed. Continue reading Blog following update for November

3 + 3 Things I’ve learned about blogging so far ….AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Happy Halloween !!!!!!

I have learned 3(three) things so far in the world of blogging and they are:

  •  you must have quality photos in your posts 
  • you must have time to dedicate to keeping your blog updated
  •  you must be consistent in the frequency of how often you post

The photos above show the enamel ware bowl I got on my antique/junk road trip in September – the same bowl I was planning on turning into a clock for  my kitchen but couldn’t bare to put a hole in it – not yet anyway…so today it is my receptacle for halloween candy and tomorrow it will house mittens and hats??? ~ maybe~

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30 Day Challenge for November

bucket list

Have you heard of TED? Well I hadn’t until about July of this year when my friend and fellow blogger from You Can Always Start Now told me about it.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design  “Ideas Worth Spreading”. Check out wikipedia for more information.

Being the nosy Nelly that I am naturally I had to go check it out and was instantly hooked. I think the thing that  appealed to me the most was the fact the talks were under 20 minutes and I could listen to them just about anytime/anywhere.

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5 Blogs to Follow week of October 27-November 02

Wow another month is almost over, where did that time go? Halloween is just around the corner and then for those of us living in Canada, we will be on the countdown to Christmas and don’t ya just know I’ve been looking at sites and pins regarding Christmas already 🙂  Continue reading 5 Blogs to Follow week of October 27-November 02

Anyone up for NaNoWriMo ??

Post by my friend and fellow blogger from : You Can Always Start Now

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  It is also a non-profit that supports, encourages and inspires writers of all ages and experience.  Writing is a solitary event, but for the month of November you become part of a worldwide community of writers, all with the goal to write a 50,000 word novel within the calendar month of November. Continue reading Anyone up for NaNoWriMo ??

5 Tips for Feeling Healthy

Healthy woman jumping on the beach


Try these easy changes to boost your mood and your health.

1. Exercise is the best

The best way to feel happy, healthy and fit is to exercise. There is no substitute. Research shows that exercise will boost your mood, help you to sleep better and increase your self-esteem. This is partially due to the release of endorphins in your body as you workout. Endorphins decrease our sense of pain and increase our happiness and sense of pleasure.

If you want your mood to go up, increase your exercise. Working out doesn’t mean 60 minutes or 0; all or nothing. Working out to a ten minute app on your phone is still exercise. Start somewhere.

2. Put good food in your stomach

Ninety percent of serotonin is made in your gut. Serotonin is the chemical that makes you happy. That means, whatever you are putting into your body, could impact your mood. Do your best to stay away from frequenting antibiotics, processed foods and high sugar and carb diets. Healthy habits like taking walks, doing yoga, avoiding “toxic” people and eliminating negative self-talk will all help to minimize stress.

3. Find true peace of mind

How do we find true peace of mind? Try making a list of your values and see if you are actually living them. Are you worrying over little things in your life? Are you over scheduled? Your kids over scheduled? Take a look at your day-to-day worries and see if there are a few things you can easily cut out, that will give you more free time (and more peace of time).

4. Don’t compare yourself to others

A great way to feel healthy is to stay in tune with your body and its needs. When we compare ourselves to others, we focus our time and energy on trying to be something that our body and mind might not actually want us to be. As we compare ourselves to others we are giving ourselves a very unrealistic and skewed perception of reality. This can decrease confidence and even lead to depressive symptoms. Instead, work on becoming more self-aware. Reflect on your values, your goals, your current life situation and begin creating a realistic plan to get you where you are trying to go.

5. Dress your mood up

Of course, there are days when you want to cuddle up in yoga pants or sweats and just relax. Quite frankly, I think you should do that. However, don’t let this dress style be your only style. I know that the day-to-day routine can be boring or nothing exciting might be going on, but dress up anyway.

At least twice a week, wear something that makes you feel pretty or handsome. The way we dress and feel in our own skin makes an impact our confidence and our attitude about our day. There is nothing like a new dress, a great hair day, or a nice suit to lift your spirits.

Dress up your body, dress up your mood.

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