Get Unstuck in 2022

Have you ever felt like you have hit a wall and are not making progress with goals or plans you have made? Are you moving in circles? Do you feel like something isn’t quite right? Are you feeling stuck?

Before I tell you about a FREE 5-day online course that will help get your “unstuck” I want to give you a little bit of the background of how this evolved.

My friend and fellow blogger Amelia who blogs about exploring possibilities on her website You Can Always Start Now and I have collaborated on many projects and posts over the years. One project we have been wanting to do (for a few years now) was to offer a free online class together. Something fun. Not too serious. 

We decided this would be the year. The course will be about Journaling to get “unstuck in 2022”. It is a free five day email class.

We both have experience in being stuck, from being bloggers, creatives and just human beings.  Where we felt we were missing something or if we could just get out of our own way, things would improve. Everyone needs a little push at times or someone in your corner supporting or encouraging you. We want to help you get unstuck in 2022.

Over the course of 5 days, you are going to get a better understanding of why you are stuck and learn some valuable techniques to help you journal to get “unstuck” through prompts setting goals and putting an action plan in place.

The challenge will run from March 1-5th inclusive. Each day of the challenge you’ll receive an email with a recap of the day before and have a new journaling prompt or idea to help get “unstuck”.

If this is something you would be interested in doing; send an email to with subject line UNSTUCK IN 2022. Within 24 hours you will received a free printable pdf (journal pages). We encourage you to print these off before day one.

Remember It’s A Wandaful Thing because You Can Always Start Now.


Wanda & Brenda


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Hope everyone is having a great new year (2022). Do you set intentions every new year? If so, I would like to hear what type of intentions others are setting.

A few years back I was encouraged by a friend (who is also a blogger) check her out here to pick a word that will shape your year. The word that resonated this year was EXPLORE.

Although so far in 2022 I feel more like I am adapting then exploring. I am sure adapting will eventually go hand in hand with exploring as the year goes on.

I made some big life changes recently, sold my house, visited my daughter and grandchildren in the USA for a month(two years since last visit) and now back in the town I grew up in. I arrived with only my suitcase lol

I am not an idle person by nature so adapting to a slower pace of life has been the most challenging thing for me.

However, I will use this time to ensure selfcare, like daily walks, chatting with friends and family and scheduling a daily ”to-do” list.

What are some ways you adapt to a new environment and how do you ensure self care?

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From Trash to Treasure: Experts Share 12 Upcycling Projects for Your Home

Hey friends:

I’m kinda super stoked to tell you about this trash to treasure post.

I was contacted by the REDFIN blog – to collaborate on a trash to treasure post.  If you go check out the post you will see my tip is the first one featured.  It is so easy to update your outdoor lighting without costing a fortune.

I wanted to update my outdoor lighting to better suit the esthetic of my house without spending upwards of $300.0 (I priced out the ones I liked online).  I decided to try and find used fixtures that I could upcycle into something I would want to use. I was lucky and  thrifted two identical fixtures at a local thrift store.  It was meant to be as how often would you find two of the same thing?

A can of spray paint and an hour or so later and I had brand new looking outdoor light fixtures. I really love them.

Total cost for two new to me outdoor light fixtures was $25.00.

Ha ha ha – sorry about the skewed front door wreath – I was concentrating on taking pics of the light fixgure and didn’t even notice – oops!!

Be sure to go check out the other collaborators as they have great projects as well.

What projects have you upcycled lately?

Trash to treasure – it’s A Wandaful Thing!

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A look inside The “Fall” Happy Artisan Gift Box

Happy to report that “The Fall Happy Artisan Gift Box” – is 60% sold. If you aren’t quite sure what The Happy Artisan Gift Box is read on….but don’t worry it’s not too late you can still order the Fall box until midnight on August 31st but there is a limited quantity and when they are gone, they are gone and just in case you are wondering this box contains over $75.00 worth of product (MSRP).

I have had some feedback that people want to see what is in the box before they buy it. Pictures of what was inside both the Fall and  the Spring edition of “The Happy Artisan Gift Box” can be seen below (before the FAQs section). I still love selling the art of surprise so I won’t post the pictures of the boxes until the first batch are shipped (which has happened).

The Happy Artisan Gift Box combines the delight of a surprise gift with the benefits of shopping locally and the convenience of shopping online. Bonus items are occasionally made available to add on to your box.         

  • Fall box available NOW  – order by midnight on August 31             
  • Christmas box available for pre-order TBD – shipping December 01 to ensure delivery for Christmas.

Be sure to check out the Gift Shop for full details and to meet the Artisans. These boxes are so much fun to create and I am already thinking ahead to the Winter box I can’t wait to get started.

*Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any future Happy Boxes! Go ahead what are you waiting for – go now…

Every customer that ordered on August 01 received a special “extra” gift made by me…notebook and can koozie for the two boxes shown below 🙂

The “Fall” Happy Artisan Gift Box – only a few left – order yours today!

The Spring Happy Artisan Gift Box

In case you need more information here are some:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a subscription box?
No not yet, I will be looking at offering that option in the future.

What’s in the box?
Each box contains 5-8 items created by makers in small towns in Alberta and other small regions in Canada.  There are different items in each box and it’s designed as a surprise -I won’t post spoilers but I will post pictures of the items and the box contents after the boxes have shipped. I hope you love everything, but gifting items also brings happiness, so feel free to gift away any items that aren’t to your taste.

Am I getting my money’s worth?

Each box contains products equal to or over the price of the box (before shipping).

Can I send a box as a gift?
Happy Artisan Gift boxes make great gifts – for the holidays, birthdays, employee appreciation (those work from home folks deserve some extra recognition!) even ‘just because’ or thank you gifts.

How do you ship?
Local delivery(small fee if delivered within 50kms)- outside of this the box will need to be shipped. Local pickup is available (located in Legal, Alberta). If you’d like your box shipped I use Canada Post. I will ship the box anywhere in the world at buyers expense.

Who are the artisans? All contributors are selected by me to ensure I am working with a variety of artisans and makers and to ensure a good variety of items go into each box. To meet the artisans be sure to check out their bios.

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Age Appropriate?? Crafts that is…

My dear friend and fellow blogger Amelia over at You Can Always Start Now  just published a post on twirling and pivoting and doing and enjoying crafts even if they are for kids.  She loves to explore all the possibilities.  Go over and read her post (linked above) to fully understand why I am sharing this with you. She always has the greatest ideas and today I found myself in the store that starts with $$ and ends with what rhymes with drama…and found the cutest little craft kit tucked in among the kids crafts. For a buck 25 how could I resist Continue reading Age Appropriate?? Crafts that is…