A Wandaful Thing Blog

Hello my name is Wanda.

If you want to skip all this and go right to the good stuff, check out the sidebar to your right and have fun exploring.

If you didn’t skip on over there, keep reading…This is the place where I blog about all the things I love to make, bake and decorate. I am also an avid DIYer, I’d rather make it than buy it and anything I DIY so can you. I hope you find something I write about of interest to you.

I sometimes write about the stuff that pops in my head :). I try to keep my primary focus on making, baking, decorating and DIY (crafts/projects/repurposing) and how to live a simpler and more frugal lifestyle on a budget.

I MEAN Really when it comes to design and decorating, who doesn’t want to save money and still have it look like it came out of a designer magazine….and nothing saves money like doing-it-yourself. Whether renovating, crafting or working on a DIY project , I always try to have fun and I hope you  join me in my pursuit of a creative, fun filled DIY (whenever possible), simple, frugal life!

I have a weakness for anything old, white or worn…I am a chocaholic and a tea totaller. I’m also a blogger and a grandmother and a big kid at heart (note the picture, I couldn’t resist getting in that chair). My goal is to share some of my ideas on DIY, (which includes crafts/home projects/repurposing/decorating),  stuff that pops in my head and CHALLENGES (monthly). I hope you come back often to see how things are going. Please stay connected by subscribing via email.

If you want to know more about me…..read on.

I love the idea of upcycling/repurposing and have been known to dive into the odd dumpster or stop at the side of the road(on garbage day) to rescue something that I know could be re-purposed or reused. I’ve just recently purchased a small (900 sqft, one bedroom, one bath) old house (99 years) and it is a real fixer-upper, some of my blogging will include what projects I undertake in the house. I will be open and honest about how long, how much and how easy or difficult each project is. I am not great with power tools but I do my best and if someone will teach me, I’m willing to learn lol!!

I was born and raised on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia CANADA (too many years ago to mention…lol). I currently reside in Alberta, Canada.

I was encouraged to start this blog by a dear friend because she had one of those “ah ha” moments and thought “Wanda should do this” so here I am. She is also a blogger and I’m hoping she, amongst some other  friends, will guest blog from time to time. I hope you find something you like and come back often.

Love and Light to all!


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