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Thrifty Treasures Thursday: Unearthing Gems from Secondhand Delights

I’ve been so busy working on my AWT Shop and learning how to create digital products that I haven’t been posting much lately about one of my true passions and that is searching and hunting for vintage thrifted finds to either keep,sell or repurpose/refinish.

Having said that Welcome to  “Thrifty Treasures Thursday” a weekly blog feature where I embark on a journey through the world of thrifted finds. Every Thursday, I’ll be diving into the exciting realm of secondhand shopping, exploring vintage stores, thrift shops, flea markets, and more, all in search of unique and remarkable items that deserve a second chance to shine. Join me as I uncover hidden gems, share shopping tips, and celebrate the joy of thrifting!

I will share what I found, where I found it, how much I spent and what I plan to do with what it.

First up three vintage cups and saucers by Hycroft, Medicine Hat Pottery of Alberta – circa 1950s. I found these at the Goodwill Bins (pay by the pound). I paid $2.00 for all three sets and traded them for a vintage nutcracker (shown below). Resell value $16.50 – $22.50 per set.

Next up is this FireKing Yellow Hobnail Vase. I found it at a yard sale and purchased it from an 82 year old baba who was just the sweetest lady to chat with. The price tag is indeed what I paid for it and the value is approx. $20-$25 I will put this one up for sale for $22.50

I have an absolute love for Blow Moulds – this one is from 1989 and is 31″ tall with a broom and mittens. I paid $10.00 at a yard sale and I have seen them on Etsy anywhere from $130-$270. I will try and sell this one from between $60-$75 (Ihope).

Princess Style Rotary Dial French Provincial Vintage 1970s Pewter Telephone – another great yard sale score at just $10.00 estimated at approximately $125-$175 (Etsy prices). At present, I plan to keep the phone and use it as a prop in a future POP UP Shop.

Check this out- OMG LOVE 🙂 I found this vintage decoware flower cake keeper at a yard sale for only $2.00  it is from the 1970s and is considered MCM (mid century modern). I am definitely keeping this one.

Well that’s it for this week’s finds.

Thrifty Treasures Thursday is more than just a blog feature; it’s a celebration of the joy that comes from uncovering hidden gems in the most unexpected places. Join me each week as I explore the world of thrifted finds, and together, let’s embrace the beauty of pre-loved items and the art of sustainable shopping. Until next Thursday, happy thrifting!




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