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Back In The Loop – Catchup Over Coffee August 2023

 Reflecting on an August to Remember: Reconnecting, Exploring, and Creating Memories

As the final days of August gently roll by, it’s the perfect time to pause and reflect on the whirlwind of activities and experiences that have made this month truly remarkable. From heartwarming reunions to exciting new ventures, August has been a delightful blend of reconnecting with old friends, exploring unique events, and embracing creativity.

One of the most cherished moments of this month was the long-awaited lunch with a dear friend I hadn’t seen in ages. The laughter echoed through the cozy restaurant as we recounted old stories and shared updates on our lives. It’s moments like these that remind us of the enduring power of friendship and the joy that comes from rekindling connections.

Adventures at Live Farm Auctions

For those with a taste for adventure and a love for the rustic, August brought the excitement of not one, but two farm auctions. One was for a friends family (online only), the other was LIVE at the actual farm.  The thrill of the bid is the best part of an auction, especially if you are the winner. I bid and won on Pink Fireking hobnail vases, they were in a lot box – yes, had to take it all. I also bid and won a sunburst clock and two vintage Lite Brite games.  I plan to keep one of the three pink vases and maybe the starburst clock. I’ll try and sell the Lite Brite games.

Thrift Enthusiast’s Dream: The Inaugural Goodwill Bus Tour

National Thrifting Day took on a new level of excitement this year as I had the privilege of being a part of the inaugural Goodwill Bus Tour for Edmonton. A busload of fellow thrift enthusiasts embarked on a journey through various Goodwill stores, unearthing unique finds and supporting a great cause along the way. It was heartwarming to see the community come together to celebrate the art of thrifting and its positive impact on both the environment and local charitable initiatives. We also received some swag 🙂

From Pixels to Products: Launching My Etsy Digital Products Store

August marked a significant step in my creative journey as I officially opened my Etsy Digital Products store. From printable art to customizable planners, this new venture allowed me to share my creativity with a global audience. The process of curating and designing these digital products was both fulfilling and inspiring, and I’m excited to see how they resonate with those who seek a touch of artistry in their everyday lives.

What’s New On The Blog

The launch of a woo commerce shop on the blog features prints of watercolor cards, made by yours truly. Each watercolor card is a piece of my heart, blending intricate designs with vibrant hues. It’s a delight to imagine these cards finding their way to people’s mailboxes, carrying messages of love, joy, and connection.

Freebie Friday is a new wandaful thing where I’m excited to share a little something special to brighten up your digital or physical world. Whether you’re a crafting enthusiast, a DIY lover, or simply looking to add a dash of charm to your surroundings, our Freebie Friday offerings have you covered, from free SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) files to a collection of free printables designed to add personality and flair to your surroundings.

While these Freebies are available to anyone that visits my website, I will house them all in the Member Only Library so members will always have quick and easy access to them all in one location.


The Highlight of Highlights: A Special Visit

As if August couldn’t get any more heartwarming, it was graced by a visit from my daughter and my eldest grandson. My heart  was filled with love and joy as we spent quality time together, creating cherished memories that will be etched in our hearts forever. These moments remind us of the beauty of family bonds and the profound joy that comes from sharing life’s experiences with loved ones.

As the sun sets on this extraordinary August, I’m filled with gratitude for the people I’ve reconnected with, the adventures I’ve embarked upon, and the creative endeavors that have blossomed. August will forever hold a special place in my heart as a month of meaningful connections, exploration, and the celebration of both creativity and family. Here’s to the memories made and the anticipation of the adventures that the coming months will bring.

If you noticed and like the Featured Photo it’s from Julie C Butler at she has a ton of free resources and is the voice behind Build Your Beautiful Business Podcast Julie Butler Stock By Jewels

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  1. WOW what a month you had. Family / connection!!! Can’t beat. Love the idea of a bus tour for thrifting. My favorite is the shorter pink vase – both lovely. Some good scores and Etsy shop too exciting.

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