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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Vintage Gems at Garage Sales and Thrift Stores

Are you an avid vintage collector or just getting started? Whether you’re looking for unique home decor or rare finds to add to your collection, garage sales and thrift stores can be treasure troves for vintage items. Here are 25 vintage things to keep an eye out for:

yellow volkswagen beetle scale model
Vintage toys
  1. Vintage cameras: From Polaroids to classic film cameras, vintage cameras make great decorative pieces and can still be used for photography.
  2. Record players: Old record players can often be found at garage sales and thrift stores. Look for models that still work or that can be easily repaired.
  3. Vinyl records: Along with record players, vinyl records are a staple of vintage collections. Keep an eye out for rare or hard-to-find albums.
  4. Vintage board games: From Monopoly to Clue, vintage board games can add a touch of nostalgia to your collection or game night.
    Vintage Camera
  5. Vintage typewriters: Old typewriters can be used for decorative purposes or can still be functional for writing.
  6. Vintage clothing: From flapper dresses to bell-bottom jeans, vintage clothing can add unique style to your wardrobe.
  7. Vintage jewelry: Antique brooches, necklaces, and earrings can add a touch of glamour to any outfit.
  8. Vintage glassware: Look for elegant glassware from past eras, such as Depression glass or etched crystal.
  9. Vintage lamps: Unique lamps from past eras can add warmth and character to any room.
  10. Antique mirrors: Vintage mirrors with ornate frames can add glamour and character to your home.
    serious woman in dress with deep neckline and luxury accessories in vintage style
    Woman in vintage clothing
  11. Vintage linens: From embroidered tablecloths to lace doilies, vintage linens can add a touch of elegance to your home.
  12. Vintage radios: Old radios can make great decorative pieces or can be repaired to still play music.
  13. Vintage signs: Look for vintage advertising signs or street signs to add a touch of nostalgia to your home.
  14. Vintage suitcases: Old suitcases can add character to your home and be used for storage.
    Antique ornate mirror
  15. Antique books: Look for classic novels or antique manuscripts to add to your book collection.
  16. Vintage pottery: From unique vases to decorative bowls, vintage pottery can add character to your home.
  17. Vintage toys: From metal cars to vintage dolls, old toys can be great decorative pieces or additions to a toy collection.
  18. Vintage telephones: Look for old rotary phones or wall-mounted phones to add character to your home.
  19. Vintage clocks: From ornate grandfather clocks to antique mantel clocks, vintage clocks can add charm to any room.
  20. Vintage barware: Look for unique cocktail glasses or vintage decanters to add to your home bar.
    assorted postcards
    Vintage Postcards
  21. Vintage furniture: From mid-century modern chairs to ornate Victorian sofas, vintage furniture can add character to any room.
  22. Vintage suitcases: Old suitcases can add character to your home and be used for storage.
  23. Vintage globes: Antique globes can add a touch of education and sophistication to your home.
  24. Vintage tea sets: From ornate porcelain tea sets to rustic stoneware, vintage tea sets can add elegance to your tea time.
  25. Vintage art: Look for unique pieces of art from past eras, such as vintage oil paintings or lithographs.
    Antique framed painting
    Antique art in ornate frames
    Here are six more vintage items to keep an eye out for at garage sales and thrift stores:
    1. Vintage postcards: From scenic views to antique holiday cards, vintage postcards make great decorative pieces and can be collected.
    2. Vintage kitchenware: Look for old-fashioned kitchen gadgets or colorful enamelware to add character to your kitchen.
    3. Vintage sewing machines: Old sewing machines can be used for decorative purposes or can still be functional for sewing.
      vintage sewing machine
      Antique Sewing Machine
    4. Vintage televisions: Look for old console televisions or black and white TV sets to add a retro vibe to your home.
    5. Vintage luggage tags: These small but decorative items can add charm to your vintage suitcase collection.
    6. Vintage maps: From old world maps to antique atlases, vintage maps can add a touch of sophistication to your home decor.
      Vintage Electronics
    Remember to keep an open mind and think creatively about how you can incorporate vintage items into your home or collection. With a little bit of hunting and imagination, you can discover a world of unique and fascinating vintage treasures.
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  1. It is definitely a conversation starter when I see vintage items in someone home. I think the right items can showcase someone’s character. Lots of ideas for collections! Thank you.

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